How to de-stress your stressed mom life

Tips for juggling the demands of work, parenting and relationships

Now, how are you going to get your life into balance? We asked Kurt for some good tips. Here’s what she said:

1. Seek out a simple discipline methodology and get trained to use it. When parents are clear about how to discipline their confidence rises, and with this confidence their
children will be clear on what their behaviour should be like. With confidence and clarity comes a genuine mutal respect between parent and child thus leaving more space and time for all members
of the family to enjoy each other instead of exhaust one another.

2. Sit down with your partner and becoming really clear on what your top 5 values are and them brainstorm ways you can rearrange or redesign your life so that is aligns better with those
It’s important to be flexible here and to remember that sacrifices may have to be made in the short term, however, the pay-offs are so worth it – more joy, happiness and peace
will be experienced.

3. Create a routine for your family, no matter what age your children are. I can’t emphasize this point enough- children need and love routine. It makes them feel safe, secure
and calm. The weekday routine can differ slightly from the weekend routine but in general, they should be similar. I explain how to do this very easily in my book. It sounds like this might be a
complicated process, but it’s really not. Often times parents tell me that all they needed was a guide on how to do this and that I provided them with the perfect checklist as to what they needed
to have in their routine so it was easy to make and stick to.

With discipline, family time and “you” time taken care of, parents will begin to know what stress-free parenting really FEELS like.

Find out more about Erin Kurt and her book at her website, ErinParenting.

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