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How to de-stress your stressed mom life

Moms today have a lot going on between kids, relationships, work and home. It can seem like a never-ending revolution of things to do and places to be. Who wouldn’t be a little stressed out? Don’t worry! It doesn’t have to be that way. Erin A. Kurt, author of Juggling Family Life: A Step-By-Step Guide to Stress-Free Parenting, has suggestions to make your stressed mom life run a little smoother.

Stressed Young Mother

“Mom, have you seen my soccer cleats?”

“Mom, I need my snack for school!”

“Honey, did you pay the bills?”

Sometimes life for a busy mom can feel like a constant stream of requests, demands, carpools and deadlines. It’s stressful and can leave the best of us wishing for just a little bit of peace. But
life doesn’t have to be like that. With the right balance of things, life can be wonderful.

Author Erin A. Kurt recently wrote about this in her book, Juggling Family Life: A Step-By-Step
Guide to Stress-Free Parenting

Kurt says that she wrote her book at the urging of parents she worked with and also because she wants to help make people happier. “Parenting can be easier than we’ve been told and I want to show
people how. I’ve seen and felt the beauty that comes from parents and children who are at ease within their families. It’s the way I believe we are meant to live and I know that when families are
strong , our communities are strong, so this is a huge motivator to me,” says Kurt.

Kurt uses a technique that she calls the Life Cycle Technique to help others find a better way to parent effectively.

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