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Tips for grandparents traveling with the grandkids

There was a time when grandparents lived just down the street and saw the grandkids everyday. But, with competing schedules and long-distance families, many of today’s clans don’t have that luxury. So what’s the answer? For many grandparents, it’s hitting the road with their grandkids.

Grandma on vacation

Just think of all the benefits: You can reconnect, explore the world together, learn about your grandkids, and make the kind of lifelong bond that only time alone — without parents — can foster.

Of course, traveling with the little ones has both its rewarding and challenging moments. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and to communicate. There are many points to consider and details
to plan before you set off on your journey. Here are some tips on how to make a vacation memorable and stress-free.

Take a Test Drive

When it comes to traveling with the grandkids, practice makes perfect. Since many of us don’t spend too much time alone with our grandkids, it’s helpful to plan a trial run before setting off for a
longer vacation. One idea is to invite the grandkids over for a weekend retreat. While you’re together, you can get a sense of their routines, temperaments, likes and dislikes. If the test run
doesn’t go so smoothly, it may be wise to postpone the vacation until the kids are a bit older.

If you’re traveling with teenagers, a trial getaway can also be a great opportunity for you to gauge their interests so you can decide what kind of vacation will suit you best. While some teens
will be open and communicative, others may need you to get the ball rolling by asking direct and pointed questions.

Choose the Right Destination

The most common mistake many grandparents make is planning a vacation that is either too kid-focused or filled with too many adult activities. The key to striking a happy compromise is to find a
destination that offers plenty of diversions for everyone. After all, you don’t want your grandkids complaining while you spend four hours touring museums. Nor do you want to exhaust yourself by
devoting all your time to amusement parks and dinosaur exhibits.

Many grandparents who want the best of both worlds opt for cruises or all-inclusive resorts. Not only can you enjoy your time together, there are kids’ clubs and supervised activities that will
give you some much-needed alone time. Plus, many activities are pre-planned, which takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Get the Kids Involved

Discussing the vacation with your grandkids ahead of time and getting them involved in the planning will go a long way to making the trip a success. Kids are at their best when there are few
surprises and they know what to expect. Pick three to four options and try to make the final decision an unanimous one.

Once you’ve selected your destination, keep the good times rolling by buying some guidebooks so you can all plan the trip together. Make sure to answer all their questions about the trip: Will they
be traveling by plane or train? What kind of hotel will they be staying in? What will the view be like? Will there be a swimming pool? What kind of restaurants will you be dining in? You should
also send e-mails with photos and ideas for activities to get them excited about the trip.

Cover Your Bases

Naturally, every parent’s biggest concern is the safety and well-being of their children. Allay their worries by planning ahead. Before you set off, make sure to get health insurance information,
recent photos, and a letter of permission stating your rights to make independent medical decisions in case of an emergency.

You should also write down each child’s allergies and immunization history and get a letter stating permission to travel with the kids. It might seem like a pain to collect so much documentation,
but a little peace of mind can go a long way. Once you’ve collected all the necessary paperwork, make sure to outline your trip carefully. Have a list of all schedules, travel transfers,
activities, and local information on hand so you can be free to focus on having fun with your grandkids.

Call Home

Just because there’s a strict ‘no parents’ policy in place doesn’t mean you shouldn’t regularly call and check in. Before you take off, leave a detailed itinerary for the parents with approximate
times and dates that you will call. Not only will this put their minds at ease, but your grandkids will also appreciate the opportunity to call home so they can brag about all the fun they’re
having with their grandparents.


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All-inclusive resorts: Hang out by the pool, practice yoga, snorkel, and have all your drinks and meals included. There are also plenty of organized activities for the grandkids,
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Loews Hotels: The hotel chain offers ‘Generation G’ packages, including connecting rooms at reduced rates, a photo memory album, disposable cameras, a phone card for calling
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