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Top baby name predictions 2010

What baby names do we predict will be popular in 2010? We look at baby name trends and talk to the experts to find out what baby girl and baby boy names will be top this year. Will traditional baby names and biblical names make a comeback? Or are parents still looking for unique or exotic names?

Mother Smiling with Newborn

We’re roaring into 2010 and the first babies have been born, first names have been given and baby name trends have started. What will be the popular baby name trends this year? Find out and you just might find the perfect name for your baby girl or baby boy.

Traditional boy names

The Social Security Administration’s top 100 baby name list gives us much insight on baby name trends. For boys, there has been little change in popular names over the past century.

Classic or traditional boy names have always been the most popular, and we expect them to continue to be into 2010. However, there is an undercurrent of new classics that are also becoming popular, says baby naming expert Phil Haussler of, a company that creates personalized versions of the children’s book, Following Featherbottom.

“For boys, classic names will still be most common but to a lesser degree. The classics that fair best will have breezier nicknames,” says Haussler. He suggests names like Samuel, Charles and William will be popular. As for the newer additions, “Jackson, Austin, Blake, Cole, Evan, Gavin, Xavier,” to name a few.

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Unisex names

What do two hot young stars (hint: A Twilight star and the People’s Choice Award winner for Favorite Female Artist) have in common, other than a PCA award and their former relationship, of course? An awesome unisex name – Taylor (as in Lautner and Swift).

Some of the most popular names for girls and boys are really perfect for either gender and parents to be are taking notice. Expect to see more unisex names being used for both boys and girls in 2010. Perhaps Sydney, Ryan/Rhian and Jaime might even rise in popularity?

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Sibling names that start with the same letter

Whether you like the wholesomeness of the Duggar Family or are attracted to the glamour of the Kardasian clan, they have one very interesting thing in common: All siblings have names that start with the same letter.

In the Duggar’s case, the family carefully chose names beginning with the letter J — using traditional spellings in most cases. Who knew there were so many great ones! With the recent addition of Josie, check out the rest of the J names of the Duggar kids here.

For the Kardasians, the family went with names that start with the letter K – Kim, Khloe, Kourney and mom Kris. If the name didn’t traditionally start with a K? Even if the name did not traditionally start with the letter K, the Kardashians changed the spelling the suit their needs. In fact,finding a unique spelling for a name is another baby name trend for th eyear.

These popular families are certainly inspiring new families today, so expect to see more siblings that share initials.

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