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Expectant mom’s guide to baby gear

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the choices in baby gear? From feeding to cribs, strollers and car seats, we sort through all the options so you can find the best products that will be of most use to you and baby.

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Breastfeeding aids


Lanolin is a greasy substance that soothes sore, cracked nipples by providing moisture and eases the rubbing of abrasive clothing against tender breasts. It does not prevent sore nipples, but it does promote healing. Some hospitals provide lanolin at discharge, so hold off before buying any.

flowerNursing pillow

The U-shaped Boppy pillow fits around your waist to support baby at just the right height for nursing, giving your tired arms and shoulders a much-needed break. Dad can use the Boppy for bottle feeding baby and bonding, too!

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flowerBreast pump

Moms who pump can provide all of the benefits of breastfeeding no matter where she is. The Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump is affordable and ideal for routine use. For occasional use, consider motorized Medela Single Deluxe. Manual pumps are quiet but cumbersome for frequent pumpers.

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flowerMilk storage bags

You spent valuable time pumping that liquid gold, so make sure it’s well preserved until use. Even regular freezer bags will do.

flowerNursing pads

Gerber Ultra Thin and Lansinoh nursing pads provide thin absorbency and are good for going out. Thicker Johnson & Johnson and Curity pads are good for overnight use.

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