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5 Ways to nurture your creativity

Stop! Before you make another New Year’s resolution that has to do with diet and exercise, think about other kinds of resolutions that can do wonders for your emotional health as well as your physical health. This year, why not make a New Year’s resolution that focuses on your inner creativity?

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We’re all creative on some level. Yes, we are. Whether it’s cooking, crafting, writing, or what have you, there’s a creative bit in all of us. Maybe you haven’t used it much lately, but it’s there.
And like “real” muscles in your arms or legs, the more you use your creative muscle, the stronger and more able it gets. And the stronger these parts of ourselves are, the happier we are – and that
manifests itself physically as well as emotionally.

Start simple and small

No matter what your creative desires, start small. Identify what it is you want to build on, what kinds of creativity you want to expand. Do you want to write more? Cook more? Draw or paint more?
Sew more? What is it? What have you been missing that you want back. Identify a realistic way you can achieve this every single day.

Put it in writing – or online

Keep track of your progress in some way, whether it’s hand-written, in some sort of album or whatever. Just make sure you document what you are doing.

Online blogs are fabulous for keeping ideas and thoughts in order and compelling you to continue on your creative quest. Numerous free blog sites allow you to set up pages to keep track of the
number of cookies you made or the number of new spices you tried, the little observations about what your kids are doing that expand into larger narratives, or the quirky way you see things through
the camera’s viewfinder.

At the end of the year you’ll be able to look back and see how far you have come. And if you kept track of your progress online, you may even have some new friend to share that accomplishment with!


If you want to get better a photography, start by trying to take a photo every day. It doesn’t have to be perfect composition, you just have to do it; you have to start using that muscle. Likewise
with cooking or sewing or knitting or writing or whatever. Commit to doing a little bit every day. Like exercise, schedule it in, even if it’s for five minutes. If your kind of expression doesn’t
lend itself to such short times, set aside longer times several times a week – but spend at least that five minutes a day planning for and thinking about it.

Let the feeling build

As the weeks and months pass, your creative muscle will feel stronger and stronger. Let it build! See where it takes you! You might end up someplace completely different when you are done with the
year, but you will never know unless you try, unless you take the chance!

Push though lulls

Call it writer’s block, call it dry spell, call it whatever you will, even the most creative person goes through lulls in their expression. Keep to your schedule, keep to your plan to push through
it and get through it sooner. Don’t abandon your creativity resolution just because you’ve hit a bit off a dry patch. Sometimes, like your biceps or quads, your creativity muscle gets a little
stronger and needs a little rest or only light exercise before it can come back stronger than ever.

Traditional New Year’s resolutions are good and well, but this year why not spark your mind as well as your body. Resolve to strengthen your creative muscle!

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