How to throw a kids New Year’s Eve party

Are you celebrating New Year’s Eve with your kids? From kid-friendly cocktails to New Year’s crafts, ring in the New Year with a lot of fun with these awesome party ideas you and your kids will love!

Young Siblings at New Years Eve Party

2009 has been a lot of things. It’s been a year of loss. So many celebrities that we welcomed into our homes as children, teens and adults passed away. It’s been a year of financial worry. Parents
everywhere are facing layoffs, job insecurity and big money fears. Some have come out better, with new jobs and outlooks. Others are still struggling, and praying to make ends meet. It’s also been
a year of family. People have had to shed the spending habits of old in favor of a new, frugal agenda. The days of spending weekends at the mall on spending sprees are long gone, replaced with more
classic pursuits like hikes, board games and family dinners.

Now, we can’t say that all these changes are a bad thing.

Now that it’s nearly 2010, it’s time to ring in the New Year — and a new decade. How will you and your kids celebrate? Here’s five ideas for making the entrance of 2010 really memorable.

1. Get fizzy

Picture the traditional New Year’s scene: Shiny black party hats, blowers and a glass of bubbly. Sure, your kids shouldn’t be downing a glass of champagne, but they certainly can indulge in a
nonalcoholic alternative.

One option is to pick up a bottle of sparkling juice. Found in most major stores at this time of year, this has all the bubbles without the buzz of the real thing. Looking for something a little
different? Make a fruit juice spritzer with some ginger ale and a delicious juice. Pomegranate is pretty awesome in this concoction.

2. Celebrate early

If you have younger kids, than you know that letting them stay up until the stroke of midnight is a recipe for disaster. But that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out on the fun of counting
down. Choose a special time, and let the kids ring in the new year a little early.

Kendall Peterson says that she and her family use GMT time for their kid celebration. “Since we are in Texas, London is 6 hours ahead of us. We have held New Years parties with other families with
children and do all the hoopla at 6pm locally. A lot of times you can find news covering the fireworks and such in London, so you get the effect, but by 8pm parents can take their kids home and put
them to bed at a reasonable hour,” says Peterson.

3. Make a time capsule

This year’s New Year celebration isn’t just about a new year, it’s putting a decade to bed. Make this celebration extra special with a family time capsule. Eileen Cannon Paulin and her family did
that with some neighbor friends 10 years ago, and they will be opening their capsules this New Year’s Eve.

“This year, ten years later, we are all reuniting to open the capsules. We’ll add to them and then close them again. Most of the kids are young adults now, and they seem to be looking forward to it
more than the parents. We are blessed to have a ‘village,’ and intend to celebrate it. Starting the time capsules that night was lots of fun. It will be a blast to review them,” says Paulin.

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