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5 Quick pick-me-ups for tired moms

What’s that, you say? The baby was up all night and your 4-year-old wet the bed (again)? We know. Being a mom is tiresome work, but that doesn’t mean you have to drudge around all day in a lack-of-sleep-induced zombie state. Here are five quick pick-me-up ideas for tired mommies.

Mom doing morning yoga

Start a morning wake-up routine

Energize with a few yoga stretches, pound out some jumping jacks or, if you’re really brave, take a cold shower. (This can be exhilarating, but we recommend allowing winter to pass before you
attempt this pick-me-up!) Find a small, simple step that helps get you up and going first thing in the morning. If your new morning routine includes a bit of exercise, you’ll be that much better
off. Studies show that exercise and getting your heart rate up can provide a surge of energy.


If you feel like the only woman in the world with spit-up stains on every shirt you own and hands so dry from diaper changes and hand washes that their skin is cracking, remind yourself that
you share this with moms all over the world. Call your best mom friend and ask her to lend you an ear. Just talking it out will help you see the sunny side of all of this (i.e. your kids!). If all
else fails, remind yourself that this too shall pass… then you’ll be longing for the nights you spent rocking your little one to sleep.

Find the humor in everything

Laughing actually signals your brain to release endorphins that help you feel more energized and awake. So if you are feeling a little sluggish, tell your kids a joke, or better yet, ask them to
tell you one. In addition to the endorphin rush, laughing with your kids and spending some quality time with them will make you forget all about yesterday’s up-all-night marathon and rejuvenate you
with the sheer pleasure of playing with your children.

Grab an afternoon “pick-me-cup”

If you need a little caffeine to get you past the afternoon slump and into dinnertime, bath time and the rest of the evening, indulge in a cup of your favorite latte or hot tea. Don’t rely on the
caffeine to get you by (though it might give you a short boost); instead, take the sip break as an opportunity to simply chill out for a few minutes. Give yourself this little indulgence — no
guilt allowed!

Take a sniff

That’s right. If you are feeling tired, the right scents can actually energize you. Citrus scents such as grapefruit, orange, lime and lemon are believed to give you a surge of much-needed energy.
Rosemary scents are believed to create a sense of alertness.

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