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Popular baby names of the decade

What are the top baby names of the decade? While the official results aren’t yet in, Name Your Tune, a company that creates personalized children’s music, has released their results based on their results of the most requested baby names for girls and boys. Did your baby’s name make the list?

Baby names are a fascinating thing. For as much effort as people put into choosing names for their babies, many names seem to follow a pattern, focusing on a few very popular options. With the decade drawing to a close, it’s time to start looking back at baby naming trends of this past decade.

Of course, it’s a little too early for the Social Security Administration (which puts out a yearly list of top names) to chime in, but Name Your Tune ( has announced their top names of 2009 list, along with the top names of the decade. Name Your Tune is a company that makes personalized compilations of music for kids. So, what are they seeing for popular names?

baby name trends of the decade

According to Name Your Tune, Aiden and Madeline topped the lists for boys and girls in 2009. Overall for the decade, Jacob and Emma were tops.

“We’ve seen more spelling variations of both of this year’s top names than we imagined possible – Aidan has also been Ayden, Aidyn, Aden, and Aaden and Madeline can be spelled Madeleine, Maddelin, and Madalen,” says Name Your Tune Creator/Executive Producer Candace Alper. “Parents like the sound of traditional names, but they also want to show the individuality of their children. Parents realize that the name they give their child will become part of the child’s identity.”

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Another big trend among names? Parents seem to be using names that can be used for both boys and girls. Gender neutral names or unisex baby names have always had a bit of popularity, but these new ones seem to have even more appeal. “Variations on the name Aiden are also dominating both boys and girl names –Aidan, Jayden, Brayden, Hayden, Caden. These names are gender-neutral and can also be spelled so many ways, hence their popularity,” said Alper.

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Top names of 2009

It’s always interesting to see what people name their kids, which is what makes lists like this so fascinating. The cool thing about this particular list is that names with alternate spellings have been lumped together, so you can really see what’s popular.

Top Boy Names of 2009

Check out the Social Security Administration’s list of the top 100 baby names for boys.

Top Girl Names of 2009

Check out the Social Security Administraiton’s list of the top 100 baby names for girls.

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