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10 At-home dates after the kids go to bed

Between work, the kids and other obligations, it’s tough to carve out time to foster your relationship — but it’s important to stay connected. Even if it seems you don’t have enough hours in the day, you can make time for romance.

Couple with wine

Before you dig out your sitter’s number and spend an arm and a leg at an expensive restaurant, check out these at-home dates that will heat things up for you and your man once the kids go to bed


Say “ahhh”

Bubble bath, massage oils, candles and champagne are a few essentials for this spa-inspired date night. Start off taking turns giving each other sexy rubdowns, and then wash off those essential oils with a bath a deux, complete with bubble bath and bubbly! Try bath time without the rubber duckies for a change.


Sexy fashion show

OK, it might take a little convincing to get your man to strut his stuff, so volunteer to go first. Dig out some sexy lingerie and your highest stilettos, dim the lights and parade your sexy self around the living room — just make sure all the toys are picked up so you don’t trip! Encourage him to pick his favorites, then let him help you undress. Just swapping lingerie for your usual yoga pants is a boost to your love life.


Happy hour

Crack open a cold one and toast to some alone time. If it’s vino you prefer, select a few new bottles and have your own at-home wine tasting, complete with crackers, cheese, fruit and chocolate. Adult beverages and fancy treats take your usual fare up a notch — and rev up your engine for more.


Movie night

Rent a comedy, put on your yoga pants, cuddle up together under a warm blanket and share a bowl of popcorn. If you’re feeling really amorous, pick up an adult movie and trade the yoga pants and popcorn for sexy lingerie and chocolate-covered strawberries. The kids will sleep all night, right?


Decadent dessert

Who needs a fondue pot? Prepare a plate of fruit such as strawberries and banana slices, along with brownie- and pound-cake bites. Melt some chocolate in a double boiler — or simply microwave some for a few seconds at a time until it melts. Feed each other the sinful snacks and lick the chocolate off wherever it drips (wink, wink).


Game time

You know you’ve got a whole slew of board games stacked in the closet. Turn up the heat on game night by playing a sexy game of Truth or Dare, Jenga, a round of strip Memory or naked Twister. Almost any tame game can be turned into a turn-on, if you use your imagination.


Dance party

Clear some space in your living room, turn down the lights, light some candles, turn on some music and just move to the beat. It may seem silly at first, but loosen up (or have a cocktail or two first). It will be worth it once you rediscover your rhythm with your man.


Randy reads

Light a fire and cuddle up with a good book. A good naughty book. Written erotica can be even sexier than its visual counterpart. Dare to act out a scene that really lights your fire or simply read to each other and see where the story takes you.


Cook as a couple

You know that you deserve better than your kids’ cold chicken nuggets. Instead of dining when your kids do, save your appetite and whip up a fancy meal with your man after the kids are asleep. Working together in the kitchen will reignite your status as a “team,” and cooking feeds all of your senses.


Dream date

Just checking in with your man seems like a simple thing, but it’s something that becomes a luxury in the day-to-day. Talk about what’s going on in his world beyond just “the office.” Discuss some goals for your future, talk about your dream vacation or ask each other what you would do if you won the lottery tonight. With the television turned off and a bit of face-to-face conversation, you’ll remember what made you fall for him in the first place.

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