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Free your schedule one day a week

Is your to-do list longer than your arm? Is your calendar so packed that you can’t even remember what day it is? We understand. Life doesn’t have to be so 24/7 busy. With a little planning, you can free up one day a week for fun!

Family picnic at the park

Could you really clear your schedule one day a week? Having a “free” day would open you up to so many possibilities for fun with your family — or just recharging time for you. We’ve got some tips for you to make it happen.

Pick a day, any day

Could you really clear your schedule for one day a week? Before you can obtain a free day, you have to determine which day will work realistically. Think about the restrictions of your job and family obligations like soccer games on Saturdays. Pick a day that has the least obligations and those that are most flexible. For example, grocery shopping can be done any day of the week, but your job may be a Monday through Friday gig.

Combine and conquer

If you are spending several days a week running errands, consider how you can either consolidate or combine them. Do you really need to go to three different markets for certain specialty items? Write down all of your weekly errands and lump them into groups based on location or convenience so you don’t have to waste several days a week simply driving all over town. You can save gas and save time, too.

Trim the fat

Dance lessons, foreign language classes, tickets to the theater, pet socialization classes — the list goes on and on. If your schedule is packed with activities for you and your children, think about trimming one or two. Check in with your children and ask them to rate their favorite activities — and do the same for yourself. Shave off the obligations that you aren’t absolutely in love with or that you cannot fully commit to. Do you dread your monthly book club because you haven’t actually finished one of the books in months? When you cut the extras loose make sure to explain your reasoning behind it, so when you do find the time to pick up a book, you’ll still have some girlfriends to discuss it with.

Stop being a “yes” woman

Ever stop to think that perhaps the reason you are too busy in the first place is because you hate to say no? It’s OK — you can still be a ”superwoman” without committing to everything. When you are approached with a new commitment — say a new Bunco group or the PTA board — don’t feel obligated to respond right away. Ask a few important details about it, like how often do they meet and what is required of the get-together, then say you’ll think about it and get back to her later.

Revel in your free day

We hereby give you a guilt-free pass. Don’t feel guilty — for any reason — that you have cleared your schedule for one day a week. Use this day to replenish yourself and reconnect with your family. Plan a fun, stress-free outing such as a picnic, or simply challenge your children to a game of Go Fish. But whatever you do, do it fully. Be in the moment, and don’t spend one single moment of that free day creating your mental to-do list for the upcoming week. After all, there’s always tomorrow.

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