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Connect with your kids this weekend

The weekends are the perfect time to spend time with your family. No busy work schedules, no busy school schedules, just hours of free time. Take advantage of this time to have some quality family time. Make it fun with these activity ideas.

Mom and daughter eating cake

The trick to connecting with your kids is not to force them to spend time with you but to include them in the decision. If your children feel forced to hang out with you, they will only pull
further and further away. But how do you connect with your kids without making it feel like a chore?

Mommy and me outing

One idea for connecting with your daughter is to have a “mommy and me” outing. Have a girl’s day with your daughter and go shopping or get pedicures. You can spend the day gabbing about the perfect
nail polish, your favorite store or maybe even the cute boy from her algebra class. No matter how old you are, it is nice to spend time with a parent all by yourself.

one of the boys

As a mom, you may find it challenging to connect with your little boy; especially if that little boy is not so little anymore. Try taking the time to get to know what he enjoys doing and then show
an interest in that activity. If he enjoys playing video games, challenge him to a game. If he enjoys playing baseball, take him to a game or throw the ball around outside for a bit. Sure, you may
not be an expert at video games, but he will enjoy teaching you or at least beating you.

Trust us, he will appreciate your efforts to understand where he is coming from and will be more open to talking and connecting with you.

Slumber party

If are looking for an idea to bring the whole family together this weekend, a good old fashioned slumber party should do the trick. Break out the sleeping bags, movies, popcorn, pizza and cookies
and let the fun begin. Everyone can camp out in the family room and enjoy watching a movie, eating all their favorite snacks or maybe tell ghost stories.

The best part about the slumber party is it is an activity that the entire family can enjoy. If you want to make your slumber party a little more exciting or adventurous, try setting up a tent in
the backyard and pretend you are camping.

There is no time like the present to connect with your family. No two families are exactly the same and each family member has different likes and dislikes. Take the time to listen to each member
of the family and incorporate something that each person loves into the weekend plans.

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