8 Unique Hanukkah gifts for kids

Dec 4, 2009 at 12:15 p.m. ET

Looking for the perfect Hanukkah gifts for kids? From fun toys to educational gifts, check out these eight fabulous gifts to celebrate Hanukkah.

Family Hanukkah

Hanukkah is creeping up fast. Do you have your presents for your kids yet? If not, check out our pick of gifts your children will love! 

A dreidel

You can't get much more traditional when it comes to great Hanukkah gifts than a dreidel. The four-sided spinning top is so special, so why not buy an extra special one?

So, where to look? Etsy.com has bibs, t-shirts, and dreidels themselves, many of them handcrafted by artisans. Check out www.etsy.com/shop/racheltreasures for some cute driedel earrings for the right little girl.

Have a crafty kid? Well, take the Driedel Song to a whole new level with the fun kit to really make a driedel out of clay - at home - available at zionjudaica.com. How fun would that be?


Seriously, if there anyone who doesn't totally love chocolate? So why not gift your kid with some delicious chocolates. Godiva is always good. But for a kid, the treasure chest of chocolates at OhNuts.com is really fun. Another fun one? The Chanukah Window Box with Coins from See's Candies.

If you need something in the nutfree category, check out the chocolates at VermontNutFree.com.


Puzzles can be so much fun to do as a kid - both alone and as a family. And there are many fun puzzles with Hanukkah themes available. The toy company Melissa & Doug make several puzzles appropriate for young kids that are adorned with Menorahs and other symbols of Hanukkah.

Another good one? The Star of David Mosaic puzzle available on Amazon.com. It's a wooden puzzle with multicolored diamond pieces. Very cool.

A great book

Books make a wonderful gift, and there are so many fantastic ones available.

For young children, there is Biscuit's Hanukkah by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Pat Schories, and Mary O'keefe Young, which features the popular dog character Biscuit. Another fun one? Mini Soft Shapes: Hanukkahs Here! by Kate Davis and Bob Filipowich, which is a soft foam book with removeable festive shapes.

For preschool and young elementary school kids, check out Hanukkah Lights Everywhere by Michael Rosen. The book is a cute story of a boy who finds the appropriate number of lights in the world around him every night of Hanukkah.  Another option? Books like Curious George and The Cat in the Hat are available in Yiddish. Check Amazon.com for titles.

For more ideas, check out our pick of the top 15 books for kids.

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