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Monday Mom challenge: Couple time during holidays

Even when I think I remember and plan for it, the busyness of December always gets to me. The to do list, the excitement of the kids, the anticipation, the everything. As wonderful as it can be, and much as I enjoy making the holiday special for those around me, there’s one relationship that too often gets a back seat during this busy time: my relationship with my husband.

My husband admits he’s just as guilty of letting this connection loosen a little during this crazy month. We’re both doing all we can for our kids and our extended family – and often people at the office, too. It can be harder than ever to find an evening or even an hour just to be together. But we know that it’s something we must do. So, just as we schedule everything else that is so important, we work extra hard to schedule some time together.

Coffee or a cocktail, not shopping

Even if you are alone together every night after the kids are in bed, there’s still the call of the house – the stuff to be done or considered. Actually getting out of the house together and away from all that stuff is key. And not for shopping, either! You need to concentrate on the two of you, not what should you get your daughter for a gift.

Whether it’s a walk around the or at a favorite park, out for a cappuccino or an Irish coffee, this is a time to focus on each other. It’s a regroup before the final insane push of the season. You don’t even have to talk. Maybe it’s a time to just be, and be in one another’s company.

Call a sitter, call a neighbor

How you get out and away can be as much of a challenge as anything. Sitters are in demand with all the holiday parties, so how about calling a neighbor or a close friend and striking a deal? They take your kids for a short bit, you take their kids for a short bit. With a neighbor you might even be able to swing a moonlight walk on a crisp night if the neighbor is willing to come over and just hang out in your house after the kids are asleep.

If you can juggle your daytime schedules while the kids are in school, you don’t need a sitter or a neighbor at all. An early afternoon ice cream or a shared pastry can be just as lovely as an evening walk. Something a little out of the ordinary that shows the efforts to which you are going to go to keep that connection with your sweetie in even the busiest of times.

Even with our busy schedules, keeping our connections with our partners, our sweeties, is very important. They are the foundations for our families! Whether it’s an evening out or just a coffee date, make time for each other this holiday season.

Tell us: How do you and your sweetie stay connected during the holidays? Comment below!

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