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Educational gifts for kids

For younger children

Go beyond simple memory matching games with the Silly Socks Game. The game teaches turn-taking, matching and counting. Each player receives
three different silly socks to start the game. Players take turns picking an item from the washing machine. If it’s a sock that matches one of the socks the player is holding, the player
places the pair in the laundry basket. But be careful! If a player pulls out a pair of pants, they will lose one turn until they can try for silly socks again. The first player to collect three
matching pairs wins!

My Pal Scout, for children six months and older, is a plush puppy friends that you can personalize
(via a USB connection) with your child’s name, favorite food, favorite color, and so on. Scout introduces learning skills such as first words, daily routines and counting.

Let’s hear your ideas! What are you getting for your kids this year?

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