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Hottest toys 2009

Toys for kids ages four to six

Zhu Zhu
The best alternatives to real live hamsters, these furry battery powered hamsters talk and move around in their own play sets. Zhu Zhu Pets feature two play modes: nurturing mode
where the hamsters coo and purr and adventure mode where the hamsters explore their habitat with audio and mechanical responses. They have over 40 different sound effects, depending on the unique
environment they encounter, for example, when kids pick them up and pet them gently on the nose, they’ll squeak with contentment. And over a dozen add-ons can be purchased to build an
ever-evolving hamster world.

Electronic Toss Across: This interactive game takes Tic-Tac-Toe to a whole new level, featuring electronic lights, sounds and eight game variations. Players can place the game
board on the floor, mount on the wall or even take it outdoors.  To play, players must toss their bean bags to light up the electronic light pods.

Moon Sand: This moldable, holdable sand never dries out and can be easily molded into any shape imaginable. It can also be used again and again and folds up into a handy storage
and carrying case. Available in a barn yard play set, monster truck play set, castle play set and press n’ play pet shop.

CenterSOLUTIONS™ 2 Big Games Colors & Shapes Robot Race and Counting Quest: Designed to make learning fun, these board games will enhance basic skills like; visual
discrimination and strategic thinking.  Measuring a giant 39” x 27”, the two-sided game mats are laminated for durability and can be used indoors or outdoors, feature directions
printed directly on the game boards and encourage kids to learn while they’re having fun. Each game offers two different levels of game play for 2-4 players and includes 45 game cards, one
spinner, and four playing pieces.

Time to Rhyme: A fun twist on classic lotto and memory matching games, this game sharpens kids’ visual discrimination, vocabulary, phonics and classification skills. It
features four separate game boards and 36 game cards allowing for up to four players.

Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom (Wii and DS): Players help Dora locate missing crystals in order to restore color to a village that has fallen under an evil spell. Gamers fly with
butterfly wings, perform tricks with a magical wand and, for the first time, can play as Boots. Dora Puppy for DS lets you care, train and play with Perrito as you attempt to win a trophy in the
Big Puppy Competition. The Backyardigans for DS takes preschoolers on a music-filled adventure where they can sail the high seas as pirates, blast into outer space as intergalactic garbage
collectors, and capture evil villains as masked superheroes. While supplies last, purchasers of specially marked Wii games will be entitled to a one month free subscription to Nick Jr. Boost, the
online service with a focus on learning.

Radio Flyer’s EZ-Rider
The new EZ-Rider Scooter which comes fully assembled and ready to ride is designed to help kids’ master balance without slowing them down. It’s also less likely to tip
thanks to its extra-thick two inch wheels for better balance, low, wide deck for added stability, adjustable handle bars and easy-to-press foot brake.

Genuine Monkeez: These handcrafted knit sock monkeys are vibrantly outfitted in playful stripes and feature magnets safely hidden inside hands and feet for hours of play and cuddle
time. Each monkey has its own name and personality and removable knit hats and scarves designed to encourage kids to play the old-fashioned way – using their imaginations and activity.
Available in three sizes they feature clothing sets and toys for the monkeys, back pack clips, ornaments, night lights, photo frames, wall décor, magnets and more.

Toys for boys four to six years old

The seven in one Maxus Dragonoid Bakugan: This toy combines six Bakugan Traps and one Dragonoid Bakugan to create the ultimate massive Bakugan Battle monster! Package includes one
gate card and one ability card.

Toys for girls four to six years old

Princess Tiana Classic Doll: This Tiana doll shines in a green dress adorned with rhinestones, layers of tulle and glitter. The doll comes with a frog figurine to add to the fun
and allows girls to act out favorite scenes from the movie.

Liv Dolls: These dolls feature easy to change wigs so girls can switch hair styles and colors, stylish fashions and feature an online component too. Each doll also has a unique
personality complete detailed interests and challenges that girls will relate to.

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