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Hottest toys 2009

Are you looking for the hottest toys this Christmas?With Black Friday literally days away if you’re a mom, you’re probably making your list and checking it twice to ensure you get your kids toys they’ll actually play with rather than smile at and proceed to shove in the back of their overstuffed closets never to be heard or seen from again. Well not to worry; we’ve combed through all the countless dolls and board games to bring you a list of our hottest toys for 2009. Just don’t forget to print this list out before you embark on your holiday shopping spree.

With so many commercials and print ads bombarding you and your kids with their seemingly life-altering product launches- shopping for the perfect gift can be akin to being swallowed in a sea of
action figures, and tech gadgets all clamoring for your undivided attention and can send any mom into a major tailspin. 

Our list of the hottest toys of 2009 for babies up through teens will help you round up the gifts your kids really want this Christmas!

Toys for babies up to 24 months

Playskool Activity Ball: Ages six months and older.  When infants open up the ball during sitting play, they’ll discover multi-sided busy activities including a ball
drop.  When the Activity Ball is closed, infants can shake, squeak, and roll it which may just inspire their crawling instincts to kick in! It includes two balls that are compatible with all
other Explore ‘N Grow ball toys. 

Playskool Busy Ball Popper: Ages nine months and older. Infants will be utterly amused by this air-powered fun as they drop the colorful balls down the track and watch as all five
balls pop out of the top chute past a silly face, roll down the brightly-colored track, and then pop out all over again! It also features silly sound effects and eight songs which add to the fun.

Ebee’s Adventures Mix & Mash
cookbook and DVD:
Six months and older. The first cookbook and DVD with real recipes for baby-friendly, nutritious snacks that babies can make with their parents. Mix & Mash provides
yummy recipes that can open the door for real interactive discoveries and begin building a healthy relationship between babies and their food and nutrition from the very beginning of childhood. If
you can mash it, smash it, oosh it, goosh it, shake it, coat it, or stir it, your baby can help

Sort & Stack Shape Sorter: Ages 12 months and older.  Young explorers will quickly learn to stack, fill and sort ten colorful underwater-themed cups. An added shape sorter
with eight geo shapes will teach babies colors and shapes while building fine motor skills.

Brainy Baby’s The Baby Bidou: Ages 12 months and older, pictured above. From the creators of the Brainy Baby line of DVDs this MP3 player and voice recorder is designed
specifically for infants and toddlers in mind and is both easy to operate and small enough for any toddler to carry around without presenting a choking hazard. Parents have the option of
downloading their own music to the Baby Bidou, recording a short message to comfort their child, or pre-pair the MP3 player with one of Brainy Baby’s CDs.

The Singing School Bus: Ages 18 months and older.  This lemon- colored bus plays “Wheels on the Bus” and babies will enjoy pushing it around while singing along.
It also comes equipped with chunky characters perfect for removable extended play and for grasping by little hands.

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