Beautiful Indian Baby Names for Your Sweet Little ‘Bachcha’

I love India. The best part is that the country contains seemingly countless cultures-within-a-culture — well, that and the food are the best part. The country is home to so many different religions, languages and legends, all of which provide fertile (ha, get it?) ground for a ton of unique Indian baby names.

In many Indian cultures, names are based on the astrological sign the cute little bachcha (“baby”) happens to land on. According to Hindu philosophy, for example, you can use the star under which a child is born — plus this handy calculator — to determine the most auspicious way to start your child’s name.

Many of the names I’ve listed below have origins in the ancient Sanskrit language, which is similar to Latin in that it is the root of most modern Indian languages. Many Indian names can be modified to specify gender by adding or removing suffixes, and there are also plenty of unisex names; in fact, the majority of those in the Sikh tradition are unisex.

So whether you’re searching for a name that will please your daadee ma (“grandmother”) or just love Indian culture and symbolism, here are some beautiful ideas for Indian baby names for girls and boys that are truly meaningful — courtesy of a few actual expert sources, and, well, my grandfather.

Indian baby names
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Indian baby names for girls

  • Aahna: exist
  • Aesha: wish
  • Adhira: moon
  • Alisha: noble
  • Amara: eternal
  • Amoli: precious
  • Ananya: unique
  • Anika: grace
  • Arya: noble
  • Bhagya: destiny
  • Bimala: pure
  • Chahna: love
  • Chanda: moon
  • Charu: attractive
  • Damini: lightning
  • Deepa: lamp
  • Devya: divine power
  • Dulari: dear
  • Eka: unique
  • Esha: desire
  • Eta: luminous
  • Falguni: beautiful
  • Fulki: spark
  • Gana: group
  • Gazala: deer
  • Giva: hill
  • Haima: snow
  • Hanima: a wave
  • Hiya: happiness
  • Ishita: wealth
  • Izna: light
  • Jaya: victory
  • Jenya: true
  • Jyothi: sunlight
  • Jana: people
  • Kaia: stable
  • Karishma: miracle
  • Kashvi: shining
  • Kamala: goddess
  • Keerthi: fame
  • Keya: flower
  • Krisha: divine
  • Laasya: dance
  • Ladli: loved one
  • Laranya: graceful
  • Lekha: picture
  • Maalai: flower garland
  • Mahika: dew
  • Madhuri: charming
  • Mana: mind
  • Mangala: fortune
  • Mehar: grace
  • Milana: union
  • Mirai: miracle
  • Mythri: friendship
  • Nabhitha: fearless
  • Nadia: beginning
  • Naina: eyes
  • Naitee: destiny
  • Namita: humble
  • Nandini: bringer of joy
  • Neysa: pure
  • Nira: light
  • Nisha: night
  • Omala: earth
  • Oviya: artist
  • Pallavi: new leaves
  • Pari: beauty
  • Pia: beloved
  • Prisha: beloved
  • Pooja: prayer
  • Quasar: meteor
  • Rajani: night
  • Ramya: delightful
  • Rhea: singer
  • Rina: gem
  • Roshni: brightness
  • Ruhi: soul
  • Saachi: truth
  • Sahana: patience
  • Salena: moon
  • Saloni: beautiful
  • Shefali: flower
  • Sneha: love
  • Suvarna: golden
  • Suhanisa: enlightenment
  • Taahira: modest
  • Taara: star
  • Trayi: intellect
  • Tuhina: snow
  • Udaya: dawn
  • Urja: energy
  • Vahini: flowing
  • Vasudha: earth
  • Varsha: rain
  • Vidya: wisdom
  • Viti: light
  • Vilina: dedicated
  • Zahira: shining
  • Zaina: beautiful
Indian baby names
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