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Double stroller showdown

The Verdict

Our Showdown Winner in this round was the Tandem, because of its flexible seating (you can create seven different seat positioning options), and ease of use. That said, our testers
really wanted to reiterate that both parents must try out a double stroller before committing to a purchase.

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The Wrap-Up

So, if you have to choose just one stroller, what should it be? To choose one stroller, you have to first decide on your own most important criterion. If you have several small children and you
need a double stroller, then don’t bother looking at single strollers. If you absolutely need a stroller that will fit in the trunk of a sedan, then only look at the compact folds. If you only want
to make one purchase to take your baby from newborn to kindergarten, them limit your choices to strollers that work for infants and older kids.

Too many choices can be overwhelming, so don’t make yourself crazy. Choose a price range, and look at three strollers in your category in that price range. Try out all three in the store,
preferably with your baby along for the ride. Definitely make sure that everyone who will have to push the stroller regularly is present to try it out, and give each one at least fifteen minutes.

Mull your choice over for 24 hours if possible, and then buy it and don’t look back. There will always be new models, fancier options, sleeker designs. Love what you have, and remember that it’s
your baby who matters most!

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