Macaroni Menorah for Hanukkah

This macaroni menorah is perfect for kids of all ages. They will also learn a few things about Hanukkah and the menorah from this craft by With a few standard items you’re sure to have in your home, the kids will love making this and displaying it for the holiday season.

menorah craftMacaroni Menorah for Hanukkah


Dry macaroni

Dry lentils

White glue

Cotton bud

Red crepe paper



1. Take some small pieces of red crepe paper and roll them between your fingers until they are thin enough to poke inside some macaroni. Use this technique to make nine macaroni candles.

2. Paste the candles onto the card to make a Menorah. Use two pieces of macaroni for the shamash.

3. Using white glue and a cotton bud, paint on the rest of the menorah and decorate using dry lentils.

4. Cut out and paste onto contrasting cardboard to make a card or picture.


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