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Talking to girls about hygiene and skin care

Tips for tweens

If your daughter wants her own skin care products, don’t be surprised. After all, says Hernan, “tween girls are still greatly influenced by their mothers.” You can take advantage of their interest and encourage habits that focus on skin health rather than unrealistic beauty standards.

Hernan’s winter beauty tips for tweens:

  1. Begin everyday winter day with a gentle face cleanser. Don’t use soap or harsh cleansers that strip skin and make it feel dry and itchy.
  2. Every day, apply a light facial moisturizer with a sun protection factor to slightly damp skin. The light lotion or cream will help seal in moisture and the SPF will protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  3. Always use a lip softening balm with a sun protection factor. Because winter robs lips of moisture, many girls bite their lips in winter. Keep your lips super soft and healthy by applying a lip balm at least 3 times a day. And be sure to get the corners of your mouth because that area chaps so easily.
  4. Unruly, fly-away hair needs extra care in cold, winter months. Be sure to use an enriching conditioner and massage your head and hair a few extra minutes. It will give you the time to work the conditioner from the top of your head to your ends, and you will feel more relaxed. You may also want to tuck your precious strands into one of this season’s great berets, too!
  5. Take extra special care of your hands. First, plug in your favorite music. Second, rub your hands with Vaseline and then tuck them into a pair of gloves. Third, sit back, relax for about a half hour, and think about all the great things you accomplished in the last week.
  6. Your winter beauty regime starts with a healthy YOU!  Every beauty regime includes a good night’s sleep and healthy, balanced meals–and a friendly smile!

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