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Find the perfect baby girl name

Exotic girl name ideas

Are you searching for an exotic baby girl name that isn’t popular here in the US? Names from other cultures and languages sound exotic to our English-hearing ears, so look abroad for some wonderful exotic names. Perhaps you have a Laurtaro (Argentina), Zaliki (Egypt) or Gunnar (Iceland) on the way.

To find more exotic names, check out the SheKnows feature on Exotic Baby Names and Meanings.

Celebrity girl name ideas

Celebrities certainly have a knack for choosing some wild names. Apple. Harlow. Coco. Kyd (real original, that one!). If celeb inspired (and ultra-unique) are your thing, then turn to the stars for some of the most creative and whackiest names around.

Check out the Top 25 Weird Celebrity Baby Names.

Spiritual girl name ideas

If you are looking for a meaning with a deep connection to your life, turn to your faith. There are many wonderful baby names derived from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions. What are some good ones?

  • Christian – Chloe, Eden, Naomi, Ruth
  • Jewish – Hanna, Miriam, Rachel, Rebecca
  • Muslim – Amaya, Mysha, Reena

Get many more spiritial baby name ideas here.

For more baby girl name ideas

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