How to care for baby’s sensitive skin

Keep your baby’s skin kissably-soft and irritation-free with these tips for caring for baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby in a towel

Babies’ skin is very sensitive, so you want to make sure to take extra care with it. Here we present some simple ways to care for baby’s sensitive skin.

Bath time

Being subjected to too-warm water – and too much of it – can result in dry, itchy skin for baby. Limit bath time to three times a week, max. Keep the bathing time short – between
three and five minutes, – and be sure the water is lukewarm, not too hot. Be sure to use only a mild soap that’s specially designed for baby’s skin. Fragrance-free cleansers are
recommended. Be sure to wash behind the ears, and in between the folds of the skin as well as in between fingers and toes very thoroughly. This can be tough at first, because newborns tend to ball
their fists. After the bath, be sure to dry these areas really well. Follow up with a fragrance-free lotion.


The diaper area is often rife with sensitivity issues. Babies are likely to get diaper rash due to too-tight diapers or wearing a wet/dirty diaper for too long. Monitor your baby’s bowel
movements and when he pees, so you can change him into a fresh diaper as soon as possible.

Baby’s bottom isn’t the only place she can get a rash! Babies often get rashes on their faces due to the moisture from saliva, milk or food that didn’t get washed off after lunch.
Try to keep baby’s face as clean and dry as possible to avoid a rash.


Baby’s skin is especially susceptible to the elements, so dress her in layers so you can adjust her comfort level easily when you are out and about. Keep her covered up in the winter and use
the sunshade on the stroller to protect her from the bold sunrays as well as harsh winds that could chap her sweet cheeks!

Check the labels

Know what’s in the products that you are putting on your baby’s skin. Look for natural, organic products that are free of synthetics and chemicals such as parabens. Scan the label to
ensure the product is indeed hypoallergenic.


Chose gentle fabrics that will feel good on baby’s skin and won’t allow him to get either too warm or too cold at any given moment. Look for outfits that are 100 percent cotton, so they
are breathable and won’t irritate baby’s skin.

When you purchase cotton balls and wipes, check to make sure they are 100 percent cotton (look for the cotton seal). The ones that are not 100 percent cotton could be filled with synthetics,
including rayon, polyesters or polypropylene.

Give baby a gentle touch. Whether washing his body, wiping his face clean, or even giving him smooches, be ginger and use a light hand when it comes to caring for baby.

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