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Caring for your baby’s bottom

There are many remedies out there, and here we’ve presented a list of different diaper rash treatments to try with your little one. As always, consult your child’s pediatrician any time you are concerned about your little one’s health.

Baby girl getting diaper change

Diaper rash can appear in many painful forms. From redness of the skin and raw sores to cracked skin and fissures, diaper rash most commonly rears its ugly head due to infrequent diaper changes,
too-tight diapers, hot and humid weather, skin allergies and exposure to moisture.

Lotion up

Most moms try a diaper rash cream composed of zinc oxide. Others swear by petroleum jelly. But both work essentially the same way — by providing a protective barrier between the skin and the
diaper. When you apply these, don’t rub them in like lotion, simply dab on generously and spread a thick layer like frosting.

Bag Balm was originally used to soften cows’ udders but it has since become popular among moms as a preventive treatment for diaper rash. Readily available in pharmacies, Bag Balm can be applied
directly to the skin after cleaning baby with cool water and drying the area.

Air it out

Let your little one’s bottom air out for a little while each day. In all honesty, the less time the baby is in a diaper, the less likely he’ll experience diaper rash. It sounds bizarre,
but you could also try a little breeze of the blow dryer on baby’s bootie. Make sure the air isn’t too hot, and give it a try. The warm air will eliminate any moisture that is causing
the problem.

Got milk?

Breast milk has incredible healing properties, and it can even be used to cure diaper rash! Gently rubbing breast milk on rashes helps clear up the affected area ASAP. You can also use this as a
preventative measure before baby experiences the pain and discomfort of diaper rash. Using breast milk on eczema can help an outbreak.

Maalox? Yes, ma’am!

Liquid Maalox – not the mint flavor! – is also said to be a great diaper rash cure. Simply put some on a cotton ball and apply to baby’s bottom after a diaper change. Allow the
product to dry a bit on baby’s bottom before sealing up the fresh diaper.

Check the pantry

Oatmeal, the pantry staple, is actually a great home remedy for what ails you, including diaper rash. Run a lukewarm bath for baby and add some oatmeal; continue to swish the oatmeal through the
water. Let baby soak in the water for 15 minutes.

Some other tips to cure diaper rash:

  • Switch the kind of wipes you are using.
  • Don’t scrub baby’s bootie.
  • Change baby’s diaper as often as possible.
  • See your pediatrician right away if the diaper rash persists beyond several days; if baby’s has a fever along with the rash; if he has blisters boils, pimples or ulcers; or if the rash
    oozes or produces a pus.

Have a great diaper rash cure? Leave a comment below and share it with fellow moms.

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