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6 ways to prevent swine flu in kids

Sensor soap pump

Think about the germs that reside on faucets, knobs, and bottles of hand sanitizer! We encourage our kids to keep their hands clean, but they have to navigate a lot of germy places to do so.

A new sensor soap pump from Simplehuman addresses this problem. Using sensor technology, the pump automatically dispenses soap or hand sanitizer to make hand washing completely touch-free!

Keep one at each entrance and sink in the house… and donate one to your child’s classroom.

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Don’t forget soap and water

While these clever products help prevent the spread of flu germs, nothing replaces good old soap and water. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises people to wash hands
frequently, for at least twenty seconds, with any kind of soap – regular or antibacterial. Touching a person or surface contaminated with viruses and then touching the eyes, nose or mouth is
a sure way to get sick. Wash hands when you’re sick to prevent spreading germs and when you’re healthy to stay that way.

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