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6 ways to prevent swine flu in kids

Sniffle Buddies®

For some reason, kids just don’t use tissues. How many times have you found streaks of snot on your child’s sleeves?

Sniffle Buddies® are just the thing for kids who are too busy to be bothered with tissues. These soft, environmentally friendly wristbands are made of an absorbent organic bamboo/cotton fabric.
Sniffle Buddies® are naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and hypo-allergenic.

When your child goes to wipe his nose on his arm, the handy wristband will be there to take it. By catching the germs that would have ended up on little hands and wrists, Sniffle Buddies® can
slow the spread of the flu from germy hands.

Sniffle Buddies® are washable and reusable, too. That’s fewer tissues for the planet’s landfills!

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