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Choosing a middle name

The first name isn’t the only name that parents need to select. And whereas the first name will follow your child throughout life, the middle name offers an opportunity to honor a loved on, connect with ancestors or even go wild. Here are a few suggestions on choosing a middle name for your baby.

A meaningful nod

Who means something to you? A middle name can be a tremendous opportunity to honor a special family member or friend, such as a grandparent, parent, uncle or best friend.

If this is the route you choose, there are a few ways to do it:

  • Simply use that family member’s name as the middle name.
  • Get a little more creative, and use the name as inspiration. For instance, Uncle Don’s name could become Donatella for your new daughter.
  • Combine two names — such as those of grandmothers or grandfathers (Mary and Elizabeth could become Marybeth, for instance). Or your baby could have two middle names so you can use both.

Although your baby’s elongated name might not make it onto those standardized test forms, having it on the birth certificate is still a nice way to honor the special family members in your life.

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Use a family name

Isn’t this what we just talked about? Not quite. Instead of using first names, last names can be excellent for middle names as well:

  • Maiden names — yours, or that of your mom, your grandmother or in his family — are a great way to honor the women in your family when naming baby. Not only will it be unique, but it will help
    root your child in family history.
  • If you are into genealogy, you could also use the last name of a significant family member. For instance, if you are descended from James Adams, Adams could be your baby’s middle name.

Go for flow

Not everyone wants a baby’s name to honor someone else, and that’s perfectly okay. Wanting your baby’s name to be special just for the baby is a wonderful thing. Simply choose a name you like,
paying attention to how the name flows with the first and last names. You want it to be a natural fit.

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share the honor

Have one parent choose the first name and one parent choose the middle name. That way, you both have a say in what your baby will be called.

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Go wild

Who says the middle name has to be sensible? While baby’s first name will follow her from sandbox to boardroom, the middle name is more of an on-paper thing. So, instead of going for a safe and
sweet pick, go wild. How? It could be anything from your favorite sports team to your hobby to just a beautiful word. Whether it’s Raine, Moondust, Peach or anything else you can dream up, the
middle name can be anything you want.

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