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Unique baby boy names

If you’re a parent searching for a unique baby boy name, chances are you aren’t looking through the “most popular names” list. Rather, you hope to discover a name that’s unusual and extraordinary without being odd or peculiar. Check out our tips on finding the perfect unique boy baby name.

Baby boy in green

Giving your baby boy a unique name can be as simple as adding or taking away a letter to an already common name or giving it a unique twist. Likewise, it can become as detailed as creating a brand-new name from scratch.

Before you embark on your search for that rare and unique baby boy name, remember to go for a name that is not too difficult to spell or pronounce for your child and others. Making it unique doesn’t mean making it complicated.

Baby names with unique spellings

If you have a name in mind but want to make it a bit more distinctive, consider changing the spelling to help it stand out. For example, popular boy names include Jacob, Ryan, Matthew and Matthew. To make them unique, try changing the spellings to Jakob, Rian and Mathieu. This allows you to keep the same name but with more character.

Add, take away, combine and rearrange

One letter can change a name entirely. Think about names with sounds you like and add (or take away) letters to create a new name. For example changing the K in Kyle to L produces Lyle. Adding D to Andre changes the name to D’Andre.

Rearranging the letters in a favorite word, place, hobby or favorite name may result in a baby boy name that not only stands out but adds a personal element. For example, if you’re a car lover, you might rearrange the letters in truck (and add one) to create Tucker.

If you’re torn between two names, consider combining both to create one new name — for example, the names Daniel and Mark merge to create Danmark.

Make a name for yourself

When you sit down to create your own baby name, consider all the factors: how many letters you want in the name, how you might compliment sibling names with a certain letter, etc. Think about people and places that are important to you. Would you like to incorporate a name from a specific heritage? Give an American name an international makeover. Check out the article, Exotic Baby Names and Meanings, to come up with some beautiful exotic names.

Are you drawn to a favorite book or movie and want to somehow incorporate it into your child’s name? Try giving a Shakespearean name a new twist or re-create a favorite character’s name. Check out our list of the top English and Old English baby names for more great ideas.

Seek advice

Choosing a name can be stressful and leave you feeling overwhelmed. If you’re not sure where to start or could use some tips, get some advice from other moms on the SheKnows baby name message boards.

Talking with family and friends also can help get your creativity going. Look for fun ways to incorporate your personality and interests into your baby’s unique name with interactive quizzes like our baby name quiz.

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