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Take time to appreciate a rainy morning

With the busy-ness of everyday family life, weekends are not the down time they once were. There’s as much to do on a Sunday morning as there is on a Wednesday afternoon or Thursday evening. There are household tasks, sports commitments, a community event or two (or three!), and more. It can be hard to find any quiet time at all.

Woman and daughter looking through rainy window

Sometimes the weather gives us the clue that maybe we should pull back a little. On a day for which outside thing after outside thing is scheduled, a rainy day can be an unexpected gift to family

Regroup and relax

Some moms dread rainy days. It means the kids (and you) are cooped up, energy that needs to be expended is being contained (or attempts anyway), and general indoor mayhem. Yeah, that can happen.
But it can also be a time to regroup and relax.

Instead of rushing out the door, how about lingering in pajamas and making a big breakfast? Instead of lists and schedules, how about a family board game? How about putting on some music instead of
the television or a video game and being silly and fun together? Don’t instantly make playdates for the kids, but be with them instead!

Impetus for bigger changes

A couple of rainy mornings spent not engaging in your usual rush, rush, rush may cause you to rethink that rush, rush, rush. Do you need more opportunities for down time as a family? Is your family
schedule just too, well, scheduled?

No matter how you recognize it – rainy weekend morning or otherwise – recognizing that an adjustment needs to be made for the overall strength of the family is an important thing. Activities and
community involvement is important, yes, but most important is that your family unit is a strong core.

Making the most of unexpected time together can have real benefits for you long-term. Taking down time together on a rainy (or sunny!) day can help solidify your family bond.

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