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Top 15 books for preschoolers, kids and teens

Although these days most kids would rather be plugged into a video game than a book, there is no better way for kids to stretch their imaginations, explore their emotions, expand their vocabularies and ultimately gain a better understanding of the world they live in then for them to sit down and turn the pages of a three dimensional paperback or hardcover book! Writer and blogger Melissa Chapman picks her top 15 books for the pre-school, grade-school and tween/teen set.

Are you looking to build up your kid’s personal library? Check out our pick of the top kids books that will introduce them to the wonderful world of reading.

Top Five pre-school Books

Your preschool aged child will love books that have vivid pictures, interactive features and a topic they can relate to.

What sisters do best/What brothers do best

by Laura Numeroff & Lynn Munsinger

This whimsical flip book by renowned author-illustrator team Laura Numeroff and Lynn Munsinger celebrates all the wonderful things brothers and sisters can do together, from climbing trees and
sharing snacks to playing sports and making music.

After reading what brothers do best, kids can simply flip the book over and enjoy the story again-from a sister’s perspective! With charming mirrored text and adorable illustrations, this book is
sure to appeal to any child who has (or wishes for) a brother or sister to play with.

How do dinosaurs go to school?

by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

This book challenges kids to contemplate fun scenarios like what they would do if a very large Ceratosaurus stomped into their classroom? Or if the student sitting next to them was a
gigantic Silvisaurus-who decided to jump on top of their desk? They’ll adore reading along as dinosaurs ride the bus, read their favorite books, and have fun on the playground with all
their friends. Going to school has never been so much fun! 

Katie and the Magic Umbrella – A Stormy Adventure

by Kristine Kahanek

Like most children, Alex and Grace are afraid of thunderstorms – that is until Katie, their guardian angel, uses her magic umbrella to take them on an educational journey into one. 
The children learn about clouds, rain, lightning and thunder as well as hail and tornadoes! She also shows the children what to do in a thunderstorm and where to go to stay safe. Kids will love
following Katie and her weather through the colorful illustrations and appreciate learning about the scientific concepts of weather processes in a way that is easy to understand. Everyone, no
matter their age, will be intrigued by Mother Nature as the book will help alleviate their fear of storms.

Austin Alligator “I’ll See You Guys Later”

by Cindy G. Foust

This book, part of the Alpha-kidz book series which features 26 books one for each letter of the alphabet,  teaches reading and reasoning skills to children and is also tied to an
entertaining story that illustrates a moral, as well as the silly antics of the beloved characters.  This particular book deals with the colorful character, Austin, and his adventure
to find out what happens when he runs away from home and provides a lesson on responsibility. Children will love the series because they’ll enjoy relating to real life experiences woven
with a sense of humor. 

Bedtime with Rollo The NightSpryte

By David and Seth Bier

Got monsters? Kids scared of the dark? There’s no need to fear, Rollo the NightSpryte is here! Bedtime with Rollo introduces the first and only character specifically designed to help children
conquer the age-old, common bedtime fears. Rollo empowers little loved ones by helping them take control of their blossoming imaginations.  The comic book/graphic novel format
incorporates the blast-of-color manga/anime style of artwork which gives readers the feel of watching an animated cartoon.  Bedtime with Rollo The NightSpryte is both modern and classic, new
yet timeless and will help kids banish their fear of monsters going bump in the night.

Tell us: What is your favorite preschool book? Comment below!

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