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8 Readers share their favorite family memories

From big moments to little ones, everyone has a favorite family memory. Here, eight readers share some of theirs.

Woman getting ultrasound while husband looks on

Ocean view

“Taking our foster kids to the beach. Their mouths dropped and they were speechless. Beth, who is 7, pointed and said, ‘It never ends!'” —Morgan Bethell Whener

Late night with mom

“During the 1996 summer Olympics, when I was 11, I would go to bed when my little brother did so he wouldn’t get upset that I was up later than he was. After a little while, my mom would come in my room to get me. Then we would stay up late and watch all of the events and eat frozen Snickers bars together that were hidden in the freezer. It made me feel really special to have that quality time with my mom. She raised us by herself, making alone time with her all the more precious.” —Chelsea Shuder


“Recently we had a mini family reunion so the family could meet my son. My parents, who have been divorced for almost 10 years, got along wonderfully and now are friends again. It’s amazing how a little miracle makes such a big impact.” —Megan Lisack

First pictures

“Going to ultrasound appointments to see my little dude grow.” —Michelle Talsma Everson

European vacation

“Our family trip to France was definitely memorable; we went to the Palais Versaille, and the gardens and views were absolutely amazing.” —Ili Vazquez 

Learning to cook

“The best memories of my family are those in the kitchen learning to make traditional and exotic recipes, and then eating the fruits of our labor.” —Melissa Rein

Special treats

“My parents came to visit, and I set them up in a hotel and surprised them by ordering room service for them. I left before it arrived, and when the knock came at the door, they called me, scared they were in trouble for being too loud! I laughed and let them know it was something special I had planned for them.” —Alex Hernandez

Are we there yet?

“I’d have to say, anytime where a long car ride was involved with just the four of us. We always have a lot of laughs on those trips, and no one else gets to see those moments.” —Amanda Arboleda

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