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Why having children empowers women

Usually, we parents are all about empowering our children but we often overlook how they actually empower us, too. Here are a few ways having children actually empowers you.

Woman embracing infant

They make us stronger

Whether it’s defending them against others or it’s building patience in the early years, there’s no denying kids make us emotionally stronger all around. After all, that inner strength makes us able to survive late nights, temper tantrums and the teenage years.

They make us wiser

You may not even realize it, but kids make you wiser. Suddenly, every choice you make has more bearing than before. You’re more careful, more considerate and more apt to think things through before making a decision.

They make us selfless

As soon as kids enter the picture, everything changes focus. Being selfless and caring for someone else’s needs suddenly becomes the priority, and balancing that with meeting your own needs makes you stronger.

They make us leaders

Having children inherently makes you a leader; now someone looks up to you, counting on your support and your guidance. Even if you’re not the leader in your office or with your friends, being a leader to your children and in your home is truly empowering.

They make us decisive

Being a leader in your family also makes you a decision-maker. And when your decisions affect someone else’s life so profoundly, our choices become that much more important. Whether it’s choosing a school to enroll them in or how much television the kids are allowed to watch, each and every choice you make will have an impact in their lives — no more wishy-washy decisions.

They make us fight

No, not in the sense of a bar or verbal fight, but having children makes us fight harder to get what they need and to protect them. Maternal instincts kick in hard, compelling us to defend our little ones against all odds, no matter what.

We become role models

Whether you like it or not, your children look up to you. And the moment you realize you have such an influence over a young person’s life, you’ll be more aware of all your actions, even down to the way you talk. Aspiring to better yourself because of your influence on someone else is an empowering growth experience.

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