Top 25 unique baby names for girls and boys

Sep 22, 2009 at 1:35 p.m. ET

Are you looking for a unique baby name to help your child stand out in a crowd? We scoured baby names to come up with the top 25 for boys and girls (in alphabetical order) to help you narrow down your search.

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Looking for a unique name for your baby? These names may not be ones you've heard, but they are perfect for a different take on naming. Without further ado ... the top 50 unique names for boys and girls.

Unique Girls Names

  1. Abianne - Abby and Anne combine to form this unique American name with a pretty ring to it.
  2. Abrya - This Hebrew name is a variation of the name Abra, which means mother of many nations.
  3. Aislynn - This Irish name is derived from the name Ashlyn, which means vision or dream.
  4. Bedelia - Another variation of an Irish name, this is a form of Bridget, which means strong.
  5. Cai - This Vietnamese name means feminine.
  6. Devonna - An English name, this means from Devonshire.
  7. Ezri - This Hebrew name means helper or strong.
  8. Fallon - Power by relation? This Irish name means grandchild of the ruler.
  9. Gemma - If this reminds of you gems, it should. This Latin and Italian name means precious stone.
  10. Halia - The Hawaiian language is filled with beautiful names, and this one is no exception. In loving memory (Hawaiian)
  11. Indira - This splendid Hindi name means just that - splendid.
  12. Jalea- Jay and Leah combine to form this fun American name.
  13. Kaiya - This Japanese name means forgiveness.
  14. Lyric - This musical Greek name mean lyre player.
  15. Marelda - A strong name for a powerful woman? This German name means renowned warrior.
  16. Najila - This Arabic name means brilliant eyes.
  17. Oriana - This name is Latin and means dawn or surprise.
  18. Petra - This is a Greek and a Latin name, meaning small rock.
  19. Quinby - Get royal with this Scaninavian name that means queen's estate.
  20. Raniyah - This Arabic name means gazing.
  21. Stormy - This English name means impetuous by nature.
  22. Tahira - This Arabic name means virginal or pure.
  23. Umeko - This Japanese name means plum-blossom child.
  24. Vanora - This Welsh name means white wave.
  25. Wainani - This Hawaiian name means beautiful water.

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