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Baby names with unique spellings

Re-write the ending

Don’t limit yourself to the beginning or middle of a name when thinking unique. The end of a name is also ripe for the altering.

Here are some more ideas:


  1. Andru instead of Andrew
  2. Asten instead of Austin
  3. Bruis instead of Bruce
  4. Colyn instead of Collin
  5. Dennez instead of Dennis
  6. Elija instead of Elijah
  7. Josef instead of Joseph
  8. Lanz instead of Lance
  9. Mathieu instead of Matthew
  10. Tomaz instead of Thomas


  1. Ashleigh instead of Ashley
  2. Abigayle instead of Abigail
  3. Beatrix instead of Beatrice
  4. Brittnee instead of Brittney
  5. Danyell instead of Danielle
  6. Debroah instead of Deborah
  7. Erykka instead of Erica
  8. Hadleigh instead of Hadley
  9. Jezika instead of Jessica
  10. Sumyr instead of Summer

Still thinking?

If you haven’t quite located the unique spelling for you get, check out the SheKnows baby name directory. Find names that you like the sound of and
consider how they might be customized for a chic, unique take on tradition. Or maybe you prefer to bounce some baby name ideas off of other moms? If so, check out the SheKnows message boards to connect with thousands of other moms!

Do you know of a unique spelling for a name? Share in the comments below!

For more baby name ideas:

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