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Baby names with unique spellings

There are so many wonderful ways to make a baby name unique for your baby girl or boy. If you are looking for a unique way to personalize the name you’ve selected, consider an alternate spelling for the name. Whether it’s Leigh instead of Lee or Anya instead of Anna, using a unique spelling can give a special twist to a unique name.

Baby on Alphabet MatBaby name, baby name, baby
name … Finding the right one can be so hard. Do you go traditional? Nontraditional? If you love the idea of a traditional name but want something a little more unique then choosing an alternate
spelling might just be the way to go. Here are some different ways to respell your favorite moniker to baby name success.

Take a cue from the Kardashians

Some names can easily be made unique by switching up the first letter or two, ala the Kardasians. Sister Kim may have a traditional spelling of her name, but her sisters Khloe and Kourtney have a
unique twist with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C’. This works with some other letters like ‘G’ instead of ‘J’ as well.

Here’s a few ideas:

Boy Names:

  • Cidney instead of Sydney
  • Felip instead of Philip
  • Gerry instead of Jerry
  • Gene instead of Jean
  • Kaleb instead of Caleb
  • Kalvin instead of Calvin
  • Kameron instead of Cameron
  • Kristopher instead of Christopher
  • Schyler instead of Skyler
  • Skott instead of Scott

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Girl Names:

  • Aeryn instead of Erin
  • Catie instead of Katie
  • Christal instead of Crystal
  • Gennifer instead of Jennifer
  • Kaitlin instead of Caitlin
  • Karissa instead of Carissa
  • Karoline instead of Caroline
  • Kleo instead of Cleo
  • Phelicia instead of Felicia
  • Secilia instead of Cecilia

Check out the Social Security Administration’s list of the Top 100 baby girl names!

Get re-centered

Still looking for a unique spelling for your baby-to-be’s name? Sandwiched between the beginning and the end of names are letters that can easily be traded for a unique take on nice names. For
instance, a ‘y’ is a nice replacement for a ‘i’ and a ‘ks’ can easily sub for an ‘x.’

Here are some examples to get you thinking:

Boy Names:

  1. Aron instead of Aaron
  2. Aydan instead of Aiden
  3. Aleksander instead of Alexander
  4. Bayley instead of Bailey
  5. Bryden instead of Brayden
  6. Dayvid instead of David
  7. Gorje instead of George
  8. Jayson instead of Jason
  9. Jozeph instead of Joseph
  10. Stefan instead of Stephan

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Girl Names:

  1. Alayna instead of Alana
  2. Alyxa instead of Alexa
  3. Bryanne instead of Brianne
  4. Brigitte instead of Bridget
  5. Caryl instead of Carol
  6. Dafne instead of Daphne
  7. Daysy instead of Daisy
  8. Gabryella instead of Gabriella
  9. Lita instead of Leta
  10. Sosana instead of Susanna

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