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How to start homeschooling your child

Public schools (and even private schools) seem to be lowering in quality each year. Add in the school violence that we see almost everyday on the news and you may be willing to begin the process of homeschooling your child. Before you take the plunge, however, make sure that you take the correct steps.

Mom homeschooling daughterStep 1: Make it
a family decision

Talk with your child about your decision. Perhaps your child may not be on board and will offer reasons why homeschooling isn’t the answer. Consider all the pros and cons before coming to your
final conclusion.

Step 2: Know the laws

Each state has different laws when it comes to homeschooling. Some states make it very easy, while other states make you jump through hoops to homeschool your child. Do the proper research and
ensure that you will be able to abide by all the rules and regulations in your state.

Step 3: Set the curriculum

Even though you don’t need to be as rigid as a regular school, homeschooling should definitely have some sort of pattern or routine. Making a schedule with a set curriculum is essential and can
help make sure that both you and your child stay on top of your homeschooling responsibilities.

Step 4: Involve your child socially

Especially if your child is an only child, you will need to figure out how you will let your child play and be social with other children his or her age. Advancing socially is an important part of
growing up and shouldn’t be forgotten about when you start homeschooling your child. Many school districts allow homeschooled students to participate on school sports teams and clubs. Contact your
local district to find out more information.

Step 5: Use your resources offers starter kits, resource guides, discussion groups, support groups and more information about homeschool. Join a support group in your local area to get ideas and help from
other homeschooling families.

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