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How to manage joint custody after divorce

Once you finish the legal issues involved with divorce, that is just the beginning of a difficult journey. If you have children, you will then need to learn how to manage joint custody after a divorce. Particularly in the beginning, kids won’t like being sent back and forth. Here are steps you can take to make this process as smooth as possible.

Father Picking Up DaughterStep 1: Agree
to terms

If you have a court order for joint custody, both parents should communicate so that they can get on the same page. If there isn’t a court order, the parents need to agree to terms that both
parties can live with.

Step 2: Take schedules into account

Instead of managing joint custody with the adults in mind, you should put the kids first. With that in mind, analyze your kids’ daily and weekly schedules. It also doesn’t hurt to get their
opinions on the matter.

Step 3: Call a family meeting

Have a meeting with everyone and explain how the joint custody will be worked out. This is an important step because it allows everyone to get on the same page and allows for a platform in case
there are any changes that need to be made.

Step 4: Establish a set routine

Dedication to the agreed upon plan is important. With a set routine, your kids will be able to adapt and that will allow them to emotional adjust to this new way of life.

Step 5: Be flexible in summer

If your kids are in school, changing the joint custody agreement during the summer could make a lot of sense. For example, it could be advisable to allow each parent to have the kids for half the

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