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How to manage the family laundry

Whether you have a large family with plenty of kids running around or whether you’re doing laundry for two, the laundry can become quite the dreaded chore. However, there are plenty of things you can do to make the task a little bit easier for you. Maybe laundry can even be fun!

Woman with Laundry BasketStep 1: Have
plenty of baskets

Place cheap laundry baskets in every part of the house where someone changes – such as bedrooms and the bathrooms. That way, laundry ends up in an easy-to-carry basket and not all over your

Step 2: Sort in the laundry room

Have three large laundry baskets in the laundry room for easy sorting: one for light colors, one for dark and one for towels. This allows you to quickly and easily sort your laundry.

Step 3: Schedule your laundry

Once you have all your clothes sorted, you can now focus on washing them. Set regular times to do loads of laundry so that it becomes a routine and not a chore that sneaks up on you in never-ending
piles. The larger your family, the more often you will need to do laundry.

Step 4: Stay organized

Even clean laundry can make the house feel messy if it is constantly disorganized and left all over the house. To solve this, place shelves in your laundry room or use color-coded laundry baskets
to hold each family member’s clothing as you fold the clothes from the dryer. This allows you or any member of your family to easily distribute the clean laundry to the appropriate bedrooms,
where the owner of the clothes can put them away in the proper closet or drawers.

Step 5: Involve everyone

For large families, try to get everyone involved to do the laundry as quick and efficient as possible. Small children can match the socks and help carry clothes, while older children may enjoy
doing their own laundry. Teach children from a young age about using the right amount of detergent, check pockets and reading clothes tags.

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