How to make family chore lists

For the average family there are plenty of chores that need to be done, whether they involve mowing the lawn, washing the dishes or doing the laundry. While some families may be fortunate enough to have one clean freak that wants to do it all, you will most likely have to distribute the chores among family members. Here are some tips to painlessly make a chore list and split up family responsibilities.

Husband and Wife Making ListStep 1: Consider ages and abilities

Start by realizing what each family member can and can’t do. Young children will be limited to very simple chores. Keep in mind what your children have shown an interest in doing – the outdoorsy child may prefer chores in the yard.

Step 2: Make joint decisions

Involve everyone when you make the chore list. If your spouse and each child have a say in what chores they will have to do, they will be more likely to actually follow through.

Step 3: Post it in plain view

The chore list doesn’t have to be a plain sheet of paper with writing on it – be creative! Use colors and pictures to get your children interested in doing chores. Post the list on the refrigerator or in another central location in your home.

Step 4: Establish a reward system

While you may try explaining the greater good that doing their chores provides for the family, working rewards into your chore system may be a more efficient way to get them to work. Rewards could include allowance or extra playtime.

Step 5: Break up the chores

Don’t make things too difficult. If you have your family working for several hours straight, you shouldn’t be surprised when your kids suddenly start having other things to do during chore time. Break chores up into smaller, workable blocks of time.

Step 6: Try to make it fun

Blast the music while you are spring cleaning or do something to make it more fun for your kids. Chores aren’t known as a source of entertainment but there’s nothing stopping you from having fun while cleaning around the house and yard. After the chores are done head to the ice cream parlor or movies for a fun family activity.

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