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9 Fun activities for kids

Check out these 9 fun activities for kids that are sure to keep them busy and active. Trust us, it will prevent your kids from saying the words no mother wants to hear — the dreaded, “I’m bored.” If you’ve tried to ignore the whining, had enough of the eye rolls, can’t stand the sighs, and you’re just plain tired of entertaining your kid, here are some fun ideas that should keep them out of your hair for at least a few hours.

Bored BoyWe’ve all heard and ignored the whining, but at
some point it gets to be too much. So print off this handy list, and the next time your kids are bored, let them choose something to do.

Picture perfect

Create an online or paper photo album. Depending on whether your photos are print or digital, give your child access to a computer or a simple photo album, and let her
creativity loose. Encourage her to caption photos with cutouts from magazines or other scrapbooking materials or using free online scrapbooking resources. Find out how to create an online photo album here.

Not enough spare pictures to make an album? Hand the camera to the kids and have them snap some portraits. Let them photograph whatever they want and make an album
afterwards. If you don’t think the kids are ready to handle your camera, keep a couple of disposable cameras on hand for them to use.

Not into photography? Give your kids some crayons and paper, and ask them to draw self portraits and pictures of your house. It’s exciting to see which details matter to
them, and which don’t even register. If crayons don’t excite them, let them make the picture from cut up magazines or whatever else they’d like to use.

The sound of fun

Make a new music mix. Granted, making a new playlist in iTunes doesn’t take as long as making a mix tape did back in the day, but it can still be a fun activity. Have your
kids make a series of playlists for car rides, room cleaning, kicking back, and whatever else they enjoy. Want the task to take longer? Have them go through your digital music collection and
categorize and tag everything. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means or how to do it — they do.

Make a podcast. Now that your kids have corralled their music into place, they can create and share a podcast. You can find plenty of easy-to-follow instructions online. You will
need a microphone if your computer doesn’t have one built in, but you don’t need an expensive model. 
Make some music. Let the kids get creative and compose a song on an instrument or a capella. Make a video recording, and let them edit it on the computer —
most come with some built-in software you can use.

Cook up some fun

Find some fun recipes.Pull out your cookbooks or hop over to and pull out recipes for the next meal of the day, or for
a meal later in the week. Work with what you already have at home unless you’d like to add a shopping trip to your to-do list. Break the recipe down into things the kids can do alone and the parts
you need to help with, and set a cooking plan.

In the mood for more than a single recipe? Plan a baking day.Figure out what you want to make, and have the kids help double each recipe so you’ll have a freezer stash, too. Make
a full plan for the order you’ll do things, assign jobs to everyone, and get to it.
Once you’ve had a little cooking experience, suggest that the kids make their own cookbook. They can print recipes from online, tear them out of magazines, and store them in page
protectors in a three-ring binder. You’ll have a customized cookbook of things your kids can make — and will eat!
Boredom is a fairly natural part of childhood. Left to their own devices, most kids will figure out what to do with themselves. So if none of these ideas appeal, simply go about what you were
already doing, but consider adding some headphones to drown out the whining. Give the kids a bit of time to come up with an idea on their own, and ultimately they’ll learn to escape boredom
Tell us: What boredom-busting activities do your children love? Comment below!

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