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Gym class outfits for every season

For you as well as your daughter, the gym class look is in — way in. Here’s how to sport the workout look, whether you’re going to the gym or just want to look as if you are.

Children in outdoor gym class

Sneaks/Tennis shoes

If you were a teenager 30 years ago, the only place you would’ve worn your tennis shoes is to the gym. The athletic boom of the 80s changed that philosophy with movies like Flashdance.
Now, top-notch designers frequently address this sporty look: Coach logos appear on tennis shoes. Marc Jacobs made a high-heel version of the classic Converse high-top. And Yohji Yamamoto
collaborated with Adidas to make one fabulous sneaker.

Sneakers were once considered tacky for non-gym wear, but now they’ve reached chic and sophisticated heights. These days, techno and retro are key words when choosing trainers. Just remember
that under no circumstances should you have to sacrifice style for comfort.

For old-school looks, check out Puma, Adidas, and Sketchers. If high-tech styles are more your vibe, look for Nike, New Balance, and Diesel.


Tracksuits are an easy-to-wear trend this fall. The ensemble is made up of loose, low-waisted pants and a matching hoody in velour or terrycloth. Juicy Couture makes one of the most recognizable
tracksuits for women and girls in velour and in many colors. The best thing about this look is its versatility. You can wear the hoody with jeans or a little skirt and the pants with a funky tee.
You can zip the jacket up, or leave it undone to expose a camisole.

Keep your eyes open for original, fun colors, and don’t be afraid to mix and match shades as long as you tie them together with a tee or accessory.

Yoga clothing

Yoga clothing — as easy to wear as pajamas — is worn as streetwear as often as it’s worn for actual yoga and gym classes. The pieces are clean cut and simple, usually in earthy, neutral
colors. The best finds include drawstring yoga pants and capris, very slim cut or very loose. Pair them with a tee and flip flops for a cute, yet comfortable look outside of the gym. On top,
easy-cut tee shirts and fitted wrap sweaters and cardigans are the way to go.

Pull it all together

Throwing on a pair of windpants and a baggy tee just won’t cut it. If you’re going to pull off the gym class look, follow these pointers:

  • Don’t wear your tracksuits baggy. Fitted and trim are requirements, especially as far as the top goes. You can wear the pants loose, as long as they’re slung low and not too wide.
  • For a sporty edge, look for tops with number patches and crests. Tip: Choose your favorite hot football player’s number for a subtle sign of admiration .
  • You may not be sure exactly what rugby is, but that doesn’t mean the preppy uniform isn’t the perfect inspiration. Look for wide-striped, stretch rugby tops, which are perfect with
    a schoolgirl mini.
  • Funky two-toned baseball tees — sleeveless, elbow length or capped — are chic and casual. Pair with khaki or pinstriped trousers for a funky look.
  • Instead of throwing on your trusty ol’ jean jacket on cold days, try a classic warm-up jacket (think vintage Adidas, circa 1980).
  • There is no worse way to ruin of pair of trendy trainers than with the wrong socks. Tween and teen fashion experts recommend super-low anklets (especially golf-style socks with the fuzzy trim
    at the back).

Whatever the season, comfort is the way to go. And with these trendy combinations, looking as if you’re going to the gym has never been so easy and fun.

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