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Helping kids make a good impression on teacher

How can kids make a good impression on their teacher? During the next two months, children all over the country will mark the start of a new school year. Preparing your kids for making the very best first impressions with their teachers will set them off on the right foot for the year.

Teacher and Student

Making a good first impression on teachers is a must. It sets the right tone for the year, letting teachers know that your kids are there and ready to learn.

Teacher advice

Punctuality, that seemingly forgotten art of arriving on time, is a very important trait for kids to learn. Teaching it early on helps them internalize it and practice it. When it comes to school,
punctuality also shows your children — and their teachers — that you (and the kids) are serious about their education. And believe it or not, teachers say that being on time for school is an
important part of making a good impression.

Recently retired teacher Kalyn Denny has some timely advice. “Don’t be late on the first day,” she warns. Denny, who writes at, says that it also helps if the parents introduce
themselves to her on the first day of school or shortly beforehand. “Parents who come with the student the first day (for elementary) or visit the school beforehand (if your school has a day like
that) and introduce themselves always made a good impression with me,” says Denny. She admits, however, that a lot of a good first impression really comes down to how the child behaves in school —
something that is often beyond a parent’s control.

Remember your manners!

When your child first comes in contact with her teacher, she should introduce herself with a clear voice and a firm handshake — no wet fish shakes here. Practice this at home so that your child
knows just what to do and say.

Another important thing to remember in terms of manners are the so-called magic words. “In preparing my daughter for first grade, I can never go wrong in reminding her of her manners, including
‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Not only do I tell her to speak her manners, but to also look the person in the eye when she says them to convey her appreciation and sincerity. I feel that having good
manners helps greatly in making a good first impression,” says Darcy L. Keith, a professional speaker.

Dress to impress

Your child may have an idea of what he will wear on the first day, but is it the right outfit? You don’t want his choice of clothing come between him and his best impression. Some parents suggest
going with an outfit that is neat, smart and well thought out. Do your child the favor of making sure that it’s clean and wrinkle free. “I have a 9-year-old son who will be entering the fourth
grade this year. Just like a job interview, I think it’s important to show up the first day of school dressed to impress. I always have my son wear a collared shirt and nice shorts. Clothes make
the man — even if you’re 9 years old!” says Cynthia Smoot.

Tell us: How does your child make a good first impression on their teacher? Comment below!

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