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Unique baby girl names and meanings

Are you looking for a unique baby name for your girl? No doubt you’re busy picking out the most fashionable nursery accessories and layettes for your little one, but when it comes to choosing her baby name, some parents are less interested in popular names and instead seek out something a bit more unique or unusual. Let us help you find the perfect unique baby girl name!

Traditionally, choosing a girl baby name has involved everything from naming them after a close relative or friend, to researching a name with a specific meaning or specific heritage. When it comes
to finding a unique baby name, many of the same rules apply. You’ll likely spend some time thinking about the origin of the name as well as the meaning, and focus on the sound and feeling the
name has.

Names specific to girls tend to be soft and soothing in tone. You may find that some of the more unique names take on a more unusual sound or spelling. Recent surveys have found feminine names
continue to remain popular often starting with a vowel and ending with an “a.”

Subtle changes

You may have a certain name on your short list of considerations already. A simple alternative in changing a fairly common name into a more unique name for a little girl would be to alter the
spelling.  A few examples of popular names for girls with alternate spellings include:

Emily: Emilee, Emmalie, Emely

Madison: Maddison, Maddyson, Madyson, Madisyn

Abigail: Abigael, Abigaile, Abaigeal, Abagail, Abigale, Abbigail, Abigayle

Chloe: Chloey, Khloe, Khloei, Chloie

Ashley: Ashely, Ashlie, Ashlee, Ashly

Alexis: Alexus

Alyssa: Allyssa

Taylor: Tayler, Teighlor

Brianna: Breahna, Bryanna, Breana

Lauren: Lauryn, Laurynn

Kayla: Kailah, Kailiah, Kaela, Kaila, Keyla, Kaylah

Jessica: Jessika

Natalie: Natalee, Natali

Two for one

You may find it difficult to choose between several names. Especially if you and your significant other are creating separate baby name lists. One way to compromise on a name as well as choose a
more unique baby name for a girl is to combine two names into one. 

For example, some of today’s most popular girls’ names and transformed into a distinctive name by adding to them.






















Exotic baby names

Technology allows us to connect with people around the world almost instantly, and although we may not be in close proximity we’re able to tap into other cultures, getting to know their
language and traditions. You may discover your unique baby names by searching by a specific origin.

Search for origins from Irish to Spanish and everything in between with our Advanced Baby Name Search.

You can also check out the article, Exotic Baby Names and Meanings , to help you find the
perfect unique baby name.

You’ve got it backwards

Rearranging, adding and taking away letters to create a new name is fairly common. Most recently, flipping or spelling a common name or word backwards has become a popular way to create a
unique name.  Keep in mind most names are difficult to flip, as they don’t create names when spelled backwards, and some create common words you wouldn’t consider for a name. For
example, the name Mia backwards becomes Aim.

Examples of names that have worked when spelled backwards include:

Heaven = Nevaeh

Aileen = Neelia

Ariel =  Leira

Jaden =  Nedaj

Norah  = Haron

Iris =  Siri

Get help

Sometimes the idea of creating a unique name is easier said than done. Often what might seem like an interesting twist on an original name turns out to more awkward then rare.

If you’re having trouble getting started check out articles such as, 10
Creative Ways to Find the Perfect Baby Name, which will help you get your list going. 

Interactive quizzes like the Name That Baby Quiz are great tools to help gather everything from your hobbies to your likes and dislikes
to help generate of names that might be a good fit for you and your little one.

Why not join our message boards to get advice and baby name suggestions from other moms? Join our Baby Name Message Boards today!

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