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10 items you need on your baby registry

Welcoming a new bundle of joy to the world can be a stressful feat. Will he be healthy? When will I know to feed her? What if he just doesn’t like me? What happens if she just won’t sleep? Help ease the transition into mommy-hood by registering for these must-have baby items.

Pregnant woman in nursery

Glider and ottoman set

Let’s face it, you’re in for a slew of sleepless nights until that little one falls into his evening routine. So why not make yourself comfortable while you’re waking up for one of your many nighttime feeding sessions? The wide design gives you more space to cuddle up with your baby, and padded arms ensure extra comfort. Look for a model with machine-washable cushions so you won’t worry about those various baby messes.

A baby carrier

It’s going to be a few solid years before your baby is able to walk on his own, so in the meantime, make baby transportation easier with a baby carrier. Just sling it over your back or chest, insert chubby-cheeked cherub and get on your way.

Handheld video monitors

Gone are the days when listening in on your baby monitor was like deciphering a Morse code message from the front lines. Today’s monitoring systems include color video screens and auto night vision so you can see your tyke even in the dark. You can rest easy knowing your baby is safe in the comfort of her crib.

Baby health and grooming kit

A handy kit that keeps all of your essential baby grooming tools in one place is easy to store and ideal for travel. Look for a complete set that includes a thermometer, nail clippers, comb, toothbrush and scissors.

Diaper caddie

You don’t have a moment to spare when your baby is lying on the changing table, so you need to make sure you have all of the necessities at your fingertips. A caddie typically includes a complete changing station that neatly organizes diapers, wipes, ointments, powders and lotions in addition to a roomy compartment that can hold several dozen diapers.

A stylish bag

You don’t have to sacrifice style for convenience. Today’s diaper bags aren’t the regurgitated teddy bear patterns of the past. Nowadays, these carryalls are as chic as any designer handbag and come in an array of colors, patterns and designs. There are even options for the fashionable dad!

Hooded bath towels

Why do you need one? Well, because they’re cute. Sure, you could use an ordinary towel on your post-bath baby, but where’s the fun in that? Opt for some prime Kodak moments with fun hooded bath towels embellished with a variety of characters and animals. You’ll adore the way these things look on your kid. Plus, the durable, thick terry material will keep your baby warm and dry.

Bath toy organizer

Once your child is old enough to realize the joys of bath time, he’ll want more and more tubby toys. A hanging toy organizer is the best way to keep all of his rubber duckies and squirty fish organized. Look for a product that’s made of mesh and neoprene, because these allow water toys to dry out and stay mildew free.

Snack balls

It’s a cross between Tupperware and those little plastic hamster balls — a perfect storage compartment for your baby’s bite-sized snacks. The shape helps prevent food from crushing, and the rough-and-tumble design with the snap-on lid keeps the goodies inside the container.

Rock-inspired lullabies

AC/DC, U2, Pink Floyd — ah, now that’s music. You don’t have to give up your tunes altogether — in fact, your baby can be a rock fan, too, with compilation CDs with lullabies inspired by some of the greatest bands in rock-n-roll. Mom, dad and baby can all get down together!

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