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How does your baby fall asleep?

How does your baby fall asleep? Real moms weigh in on the SheKnows message boards on how they get their baby to fall asleep. 57% said they nurse their baby to sleep while 18% said their baby falls asleep on his own. Other moms (15%) report they rock their baby to sleep while the remaining confess they use other sleep-inducing methods. Read on as moms share their tips to help baby get some shut-eye.

New parents use many methods to get their baby to fall asleep, and moms share their tips on the SheKnows message boards on how to get their infant to sleep
so they can get some (much needed!) sleep.

How do you get your baby to sleep?

We used to rock Connor to sleep. Now, we lie with him in the bed. He usually is restless for a while and nurses himself to sleep. He has been learning to put himslef to sleep. He does a lot of head
banging onto the mattress. I think it’s his way of mimicing that rocking feeling.


I put Izzy down and lay next to her for a minute, and rub her head and she falls to sleep right away usually only takes about a minute and a half


I always nurse Jacqueline before bed, she does start out in her crib, so she goes in there and then when she wakes up to nurse-and this is anywhere from 9-2am I nurse her and then she is in bed
with us.


I nurse him to sleep, he’s alseep within minutes.


Jake cannot fall asleep without one of mama’s signature backrubs!


Willow has a bottle right before bed, she falls asleep at the end of it usually so that’s kind of like nursing to sleep. then i lay her on her side and she’ll stir a little, so i lay down next to
her until i feel her body going totally limp, then i ease out of the bed (or just fall asleep right then and there! ) she puts herself to sleep by rubbing the edge of a really soft blankie against
her cheek, especially during naps. i can see a security blanket issue in the future!


Kierdan goes to bed on his own most nights…right after he nurses though. I always think to myself I should just let him stay there, but I can’t do it so I go get him when i go to bed and hope he
hasn’t kicked me out of bed by morning. I think I want to move him back in fulltime as he gets older….its just him and me so I really can’t stand him being on the other side of the house.


I used to breastfeed Josiah to sleep, but the last week or so he’s been awake after the last feeding and just falling asleap on his own when we put him in his crib. (We put him to bed in his crib a
couple hours before we go to bed, then he comes in bed with us when he wakes up for a feeding.) We didn’t have to “sleep train” or any such nonsense.


I have to take Jaiken to the dark bedroom, put him in his spot in bed, and cover him up. He usually rolls from side to side playing with the pillows and my hands until he falls asleep. I have to
keep turning him over cause he tries to get on his hands and knees to crawl away!


At 14 months when I weaned Isabella from the breast…she started to fall asleep on her own and finally slept through the night.


Usually kaelyn would sleep on her own .. but sometimes i would lay next to her with our faces next to each other or hold her hands so she knows that I’m right next to her.

-kJz Mommie

I nurse him to sleep out in the living room and then he wraps his arms around my neck and falls asleep on my shoulder I love it! I’m gonna miss that someday!

-TCN Mama

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