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These exotic baby names hail from around the globe

Exotic baby names from Indonesia

The music, wildlife and island help make this part of the world exotic and remote. A mix of English, Dutch, Indonesian and local dialects all contribute to choosing a baby name, as do the country’s conservation efforts and natural wonders. Baby-naming traditions in Indonesia include a ceremony, typically when the baby is a month old or younger.

Indonesian boy names

  • Agus — meaning “good”
  • Asmara — meaning “love”
  • Banyu — meaning “water”
  • Cipto — meaning “to create”
  • Fajar — meaning “sunrise”
  • Katon — meaning “visible”
  • Lemah — meaning “ground”

Indonesian girl names

  • Adila — meaning “just”
  • Cahya — meaning “light”
  • Putri — meaning “princess”
  • Peni — meaning “pretty”
  • Nur — meaning “light”
  • Murni — meaning “pure”
  • Indah — meaning “beautiful”


Exotic baby names from Kenya

High elevations and its close proximity to the equator are characteristics of this East African country. Religions include Catholic, Muslim and faiths indigenous to the region. Some Kenyan’s believe that a baby’s name will have a strong influence on the child’s personality.

Some recent news suggests that Kenyan parents are naming their children after prominent figures in the news, including prime ministers, former United Nations (UN) leaders like Kofi Annan and President Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan.

Kenyan boy names

  • Elim — meaning “knowledge”
  • Gitonga — meaning “wealthy”
  • Hiuhu — meaning “hot”
  • Kanja — meaning “water born”
  • Makori — meaning “born on the way”
  • Pili — meaning “second child”

Kenyan girl names

  • Akello — meaning “first child after twins”
  • Chanya — meaning “grace of Jehovah”
  • Dafina — meaning “treasure”
  • Felistas — meaning “festival”
  • Hamisi — meaning “Born on Thursday”
  • Mumbi — meaning “mother of the people”

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Originally published June 2009. Updated July 2016.

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