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Irish baby names: The hottest name trend

Irish baby names, such as Killian, Teagan and Caitlin, are gaining popularity as the hottest name trend because of their melodic and unique sound. Traditional Irish names often originated from Ireland’s history which includes immigrants such as the French, Vikings and Celtics. Find the perfect name for your baby boy or baby girl in our list of Irish baby names.

As in other cultures, the Irish have long named their children after members of the family, often a grandparent. When naming a son, traditional rules followed naming the first son after the father’s father and the second son after the mother’s father. A middle name may be given to a child after a grandparent as well.

Faith and religion have always been prominent in Irish culture, and traditional Irish baby names include saints and other Christian missionaries.

Traditional Irish Names

Traditional Irish names may include characteristics of strength and courage and date back to medieval times.

Traditional Irish boy names

Bran – meaning raven
Conall – meaning wolf
Donn – meaning chief
Lugh – Celtic’s sun god
Seanan –meaning ancient
Tiarnan – meaning lord or superior
Colm – meaning dove
Eoghan – meaning well born
Killian – meaning strife, also Saint Killian
Donal – meaning world mighty
Seamus – meaning supplanter

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Traditional Irish girl names

Aibhlinn – Norman root meaning “longed for child”
Aileen – meaning noble
Caitlin – St Catherine
Clare – medieval name meaning clear or bright
Fianna – derived from a warrior band of Celtic women
Iona – island where a Saint founded his monastery
Maebh – derived from old Irish name Madb, meaning cause of great joy
Mairead – Irish form of Margaret popular around 14th century
Nuala – Irish name that has been around since 13th century

Modern Irish names

While Jack and Katie continue to be the most popular names coming out of Northern Ireland there are some new names that are growing in popularity as well.

Modern Irish boy names:

quotation mark open In Irish culture, traditional rules followed naming the first son after the father’s father and the second son after the mother’s father. quotation mark close

Jack – meaning God is gracious
Daniel – meaning attractive
Ryan – meaning kingly
Adam –  reference to red
Dylan – meaning born near the sea
Ethan – meaning strong or firm
Conor – meaning lover of hounds
Charlie – meaning free man
Aaron – meaning mountain
Callum – meaning dove
Sean – meaning God is gracious
Harry – meaning home rule
Blake – meaning fame and war or light; dark
Eoghan – meaning youth
Alfie – meaning wise

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Modern Irish girl names:

Sophie – meaning wisdom
Grace – meaning good will
Chloe – meaning young
Hannah – meaning grace
Eva – meaning Eve (Biblical)
Ellie- most beautiful woman
Erin – meaning from Ireland
Aoife – meaning beautiful (from Eve, pronounced sort of like “Eva”)
Caitlin – meaning pure
Niamh – meaning radiance (pronounced “Neeve”)
Siobhan – meaning “God is gracious” (pronounced “Shivaun”)
Ella –meaning torch/bright
Olivia – meaning olive

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