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4th of July crafts

Stars and Stripes Windsock

Supplies: 1 sheet blue construction paper


Hole punch

Red yarn

White yarn

Silver metallic stars

1 blue pipe cleaner

1. Fold the construction paper into a tube and secure it together with tape. Use the hole punch to punch holes along the bottom edge of the tube (you may choose to do this before
securing, as well). Punch two holes in the tops that are across from each other.

2. Cut the yarn into long lengths. You are going to double the lengths over, so be sure they are the right length when halved for blowing in the wind. You will need an even number
of white and red pieces of yarn, cut to the same length.

3. Cut one piece of yarn in half, and push the bent portion through one of the hole punches on the bottom edge. Pull the ends through the loop, forming a lark’s head knot. Continue
with this technique until all the pieces of yarn have been used.

4. Stick the silver metallic stars all around the tube.

5. Poke one end of the pipe cleaner through one of the top holes. Fold the end up using about 1/2 inch of the pipe cleaner. Repeat on the other hole with the other end of the pipe

Sparkling Patriotic Napkin Rings

Supplies: 1 pipe cleaner (red, white or blue)

Clear multi-faceted beads


Small flag (rod should be about 6 to 8 inches long)

1. Thread the beads onto the pipe cleaner, leaving about 1 inch at each end of it.

2. Roll the napkin up. Wrap the beaded pipe cleaner around it, hooking the ends together loosely to hold it in place.

3. Tuck the small flag into the beaded pipe cleaner and arrange.

Old Glory flatware tote

Supplies: 1 cardboard bottle tote (from a six-pack of beer or other drinks)

Red, white and blue acrylic paints

Glow-in-the-dark stars

Hot-glue gun (and glue)

1. Make sure that the bottle tote is free from dirt and debris. Paint the whole tote with white paint. It may take two coats to fully cover. Allow to dry completely.

2. Use the red and blue paints to either paint a flag or another red, white and blue design on the tote. Allow to dry completely.

3. Heat the hot-glue gun. Put dabs of glue on the tote and affix the glow-in-the-dark stars to the tote, either as stars on the flag or an all-over design. Let the glue cool and
harden completely before using.

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