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Monday Mom challenge: Recognize your parenting mentor

As Mother’s Day approaches, we think about recognizing our moms and maybe a special day with the kids. But what about that person in your life that makes you a better parent? How about, this Mother’s Day, recognize the person or persons that make you a better mother.

Two Female Friends

Over the years there have been several older women in my life to whom I have been able to turn when I needed some parenting advice. These are women whose children are grown – and if my kids turn out half as good as their kids, er, adults, I will have done a very decent job of parenting. These are women for whom I have a deep respect. They help me be a better mom.

Who is it?

The person or persons you turn to for parenting advice may or may not be your own parents, or even a relative. They may or may not be older. Maybe it’s your brother or uncle, or maybe it’s a friend from the old neighborhood who always seemed to have her or his head screwed on straight. Maybe it’s a neighbor, or someone you have met only virtually in an online community. Maybe it’s a leader in your religious community. Maybe it’s your sweetie. Look around. Who is it that you can turn to? Who makes you a better parent? Whomever it is, that person (or persons) is your parenting mentor.

A simple thanks is all it takes

You can be sure that unless your mentor is also your mother, he or she is not expecting to hear from you on Mother’s Day. It will be quite a surprise, I’m sure. You don’t need to get fancy, unless you want to. A thank you, maybe some flowers is all it takes. But the thank you is the most important part of it.No matter what you do this Mother’s Day, make it a great one – for you, your mother, your kids, and your parenting mentor.

Tell us: Who is your parenting mentor? Comment below!

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