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How to make parenting fun

Are you a fun parent? Even when — or maybe especially when — one feels uncertainty in the wider world, recognizing the good in our lives and making a point to enjoy it are important. Laughing with and enjoying our kids takes a lot less effort than just about anything. And laughing doesn’t cost a thing.

Mom tickling Daugheter

We all know parenting is serious business — and hard work. There’s always something new to consider or a decision to be made for these amazing creatures who arrived without instruction manuals. Sometimes, things seem to flow along quite well, and sometimes it feels a little harder. Days can be long and exhausting. But you know what? Parenting can also be lots of fun. Don’t forget to enjoy it a little. Wait, scratch that: Enjoy it a lot. Don’t forget to laugh.

Changing moods, making memories

Being willing to laugh a little is a great way to lighten a mood or just pass the time. Sitting in the school pickup line waiting for an older child is a perfect time to laugh with younger children. Snack time, just after dinner, just before school — anytime can be a good time.Invariably at bedtime, when I ask my ritual question about their favorite part of the day, my kids will mention this playtime, this laughing time, however brief. If a day has been tough otherwise for whatever reason, that the kids are holding on to the happy memories is totally gratifying for me — and something of a relief. I want them to have good memories; I want them to be able to laugh with their own kids someday.

Make a face, play tag, tickle

There are so many ways to have a giggle with the kids. Sing a silly song, tickle toes or blow bubbles. Tell jokes, dance or play tag in the yard. Do something to make a moment just plain fun.One of the easiest ways to make my kids laugh (and turn around a day) is to make a face. Seriously. When they least expect it, I stick out my tongue, then play innocent. Who, me? Within a few minutes, we are all laughing, making faces and generally having a good time.Soon enough, you’ll develop your own silly rituals that you can turn to anytime, anywhere and have a laugh with your kids. Truly, parenting can be fun.

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